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Gamer Wednesday: SkiFree Quilt

Ok, I’ll admit it. I squeed when I saw this Skifree Abominable Snowman quilt by Yojetak! I vividly remember being completely unable to get away from this guy but continuing to play SkiFree for ungodly amounts of time. (You’d think I would’ve improved with all that playing, huh?) There are just so few SkiFree Abominable […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: How To Make NoSew Fingerless Gloves

trickygirlb made some fabulous No-Sew fingerless gloves using squares of polar fleece and careful knotting! These quick and easy gloves will keep hands warm on the coldest of days. This is another fun craft the kids could help with, so make a few colorful pairs today! To view the tutorial for these gloves, click here […]