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Talking Heads, or What We Made at Art Camp

Yesterday, cackle and I returned from the “Art Is…You” art retreat in Connecticut. We had such a great time learning all sorts of things. We took a book class where we learned a new binding technique, and a metal etching and cold connections class, among others. We agreed however, that our favorite class was “Talking […]

As Seen On TV: Simpsons Pig Cufflinks

One of the things I adore about crafting is that you can make almost anything. This becomes pretty important when you want to reference something pretty obscure. No company in their right mind would mass produce the pig cufflinks from the Simpsons episode where Lisa gets married, but both patty_o_furniture AND sprocketfish made them for […]

Gamer Wednesday: Angry Birds Amigurumi

Angy Bird Attack!! CraftyDork made these bird and pig amigurumis in what I can only imagine was an attempt to play the game in real life. I mean, isn’t that what you would do with them? I know I would! The full thread can be found here: You can see more great crafts by […]