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Happy Hobbit Day!

Tomorrow is Hobbit Day! Craftster moderator Mistress Jennie is helping celebrate with this article full of fun Hobbit-related crafts! “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” So said J.R.R. Tolkien in a little book called the Hobbit, first published in 1937. Ever since […]

The Eyes Have It

I had my yearly eye exam yesterday, and after sitting around for hours (!) waiting for the dilation to go down, all that was on my mind was eyes and eyeballs. Naturally I found some great projects on Craftster to represent my theme… This beautifully embroidered piece by Ludi is inspired by “Lover’s Eye” jewelry […]

Bee Crafty

What’s the buzz today? Bees! Bees are so important in pollinating the many plants that feed us. Bonus: crafts made with the images of bees are as sweet as honey. For example, there’s this beautiful fused glass dish by fancybutch. The yellow background makes this bee silhouette pop! Ludi stitched up this charming applique bee […]

Something’s Fishy Here

  Let’s cast out a wide net on Craftster and see what we can catch. Whoa, look at all the fish! Who knew there were so many fishy projects floating around on the boards? thisbirdsabsurd didn’t actually catch this string of mackerel; she made them out of canvas and painted them. This string of fish […]

Spotlight on: Precious Metal Clay

Making jewelry has really become a huge part of crafting. Go into any craft store and there are always a few isles dedicated to nothing but beads, findings, tools, and other various supplies. Checking online will lead you to hours of time spent looking at virtual stores of nothing but ways to create jewelry. A […]

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Here’s one for all you cat lovers out there: a wonderful array of felines from the many cat crafts found on Craftster.   I find it almost impossible to believe that this is one of the first art dolls that WingsOfClay has made. I just love this quirky kitty so much!   noooitaremybirthday was inspired […]

Bibliocrafting: Book Jewelry

Lots of people who love books like to wear it on their sleeve… or, rather, their necks, wrists, and ears, in the form of jewelry! Onyxnox made this mini book as a pendant: Malmow has two great examples of mini book pendants, here and here: These pendants by alteredmommy use bits of book pages as […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: How To Make A Lovely Pendant

How cute are these? onescrappinjohnson made these pendants from scrapbook paper and inexpensive washers from the hardware store. I love this idea! The pendants are quick and easy to do, but they look like a million! Choose papers in the colors and patterns you know your recipients will love. These are sure to please any […]

Look What I Made with a Dremel! – How to Make a Spoon Pendant

Sponsored Article: Spoon Pendants by Jean In this article, I share a nifty tutorial on how to make a spoon pendant (as well as a few other variations made with the same process!). My inspiration was this project by Craftster member rhodora. rhodora used a jewelry saw to create her pendant, but since I don’t […]

Wear It This Weekend: Octopus Pendant

I adore all of the polymer clay octopus tentacle jewelry that’s been floating around lately (seriously, there’s a lot!). I’m not really a polymer clay master but sheepBlue‘s tutorial makes it look easy! Her thread tells you how to make this kick-ass pendant! You can see the full tutorial here: If you make one […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make Resin Pendants

Resin projects are fun to make, because the materials change so dramatically, it feels like a form of alchemy. It’s also quite mysterious if you’ve never done it, so it’s a project that can really impress. Luckily, I Sew Cute has shared with us her tutorial for making resin pendants. Her instructions will demystify the […]