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Meatless Monday: Egg Free Pasta

It’s a new year and that means new cooking challenges. What are you dying to whip up? Soups? Cakes? Pastas? Making homemade pasta just got a bit easier with Julibooli’s recipe for Egg Free Pasta. This recipe is so easy to follow and requires very little ingredients. It is a great way to start your […]

Spotlight on: Spiral Veggies Recipes

Even though we are moving into the winter months, we can still get fresh veggies of all kinds. Having new and interesting ways to prepare them is always a must around our house. A few months ago the discussion of among some of the mods introduced me to the art of spiral veggies. Poof! Mind […]

Craft Challenge #49 Announced – Pasta Portraits

Craft Challenge #49 has been announced! “Pasta Portraits” entries are due Apr 1 – Apr 7. Read all about it here! Also be sure to get your entries in for Challenge #48, Little Tiny Challenge 2. Entries are due now through Mar 5. Here are the challenge details, and all of the entries so far. […]

Foodie Friday: Homemade Pasta

SunflowerSmiles has totally inspired me to make my own pasta! I am not sure why I had convinced myself that pasta must be a really long and intensive recipe, but Sunflower has obviously changed my mind with this simple 4-step tutorial. At least now I know what we’re having for dinner tomorrow night! 😀 To […]