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Manic Monday: Origami Stars Banner

Sarcastra must have a lot of good luck. Look at all of the lucky stars she’s made! She used them to make a banner for her blog (by making the banner by hand and taking a picture of it). She ended up using 1120 stars but that’s actually just a portion of the total number […]

Manic Monday: Jewish “Song of Songs” Papercutting

This absolutely beautiful piece was done by sophieangele for a friend’s wedding. It’s a verse from the Song of Songs in Hebrew surrounded by some great botanic designs. It looks laser cut! But no, she cut it all out by hand. It’s intricate and gorgeous and just downright well done. What an awesome gift! You […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make Paper

For this week’s Tute Tuesday, enakitty shows us an easy way to make paper using items you may have around the house. This easy tute is a great way to recycle junk mail and other scrap paper. It’s perfect for cards, invitations, and other craft projects. You can also mold your paper around a bowl […]

Green Porno

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… I bet you never thought that you’d see videos about animal reproduction on Craftster, eh? Well, me neither until I saw Green Porno. Green Porno is a series of short films about animal reproduction written by and starring Isabella Rossellini and it has a decidedly crafty flair! Season 1 […]

Craftster Crush: Minouette

This month’s Craftster Crush is Minouette. A frequent contributor to the More Art, Less Craft board, Minouette is a fabulously talented artist who is definitely crush-worthy. We are in awe of her amazing linoleum prints. She picks very interesting subjects, often from science, nature, history, and literature. Her style is amazingly intricate and detailed. Her […]

Crafty Music Videos – Lisa Hannigan

Crafts and music go together like bees and butterflies – both come from the same garden. Some of our favorite musicians are also Crafters! Here we celebrate the intersection of music and craft, a place where magic happens. Some of these Crafty musicians are using video as the medium to combine their multiple passions and […]

Craftster Crush: Phizzychick

If you’ve been around Craftster for a while, you’ve most certainly bumped into Phizzychick a time or two! Not only is she our current Craftster Crush, but she’s actually a Moderator on Craftster as well. You’ll often find her active on the Swap and Paper Crafts boards. After all, she’s amazingly talented when it comes […]

Just wanted to share a really slick site I found that shows you how to make a wallet by folding together twenty $1 dollar bills.