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Flowers In Your Hair

Remember the old song: “If you’re going to San Francisco, Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”. If fresh flowers aren’t available, you can still adorn yourself with blooms. Miss Ireen made a lovely embroidered headband. Vibrant orange flowers and bright green and white accents make a lovely accessory. Origami blooms make a […]

@Home This Weekend: Fortune Teller Lantern

This weekend, fold up a bunch of those fortune tellers that you loved as a kid, and transform a plain paper lantern into something spectacular. Chilan covered this 20″ lantern with 225 paper fortune tellers. It’s so pretty when lit, don’t you think? Better get folding!

Keepin’ It Green: The Week in DIY: A Blemish-Free Butt, Tips from the Farmer’s Market Pros, and More

The Week in DIY: The Week in DIY: A Blemish-Free Butt, Tips from the Farmer’s Market Pros, and More Each week, we highlight some of our favorite craft projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner DIYer. The City Girl’s Guide to Country Gardening, Lesson 5: Lazy Composting Not […]

CrafTATstic: Craft Tattoos – sf craftster’s Paper Crane

It’s pretty rare that you see a papercrafting tattoo, but sf craftster has a gorgeous one! She has a simple but beautiful origami paper crane tattoo. Just clean straight lines but there is beauty in the simplicity!

Origami City

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… Origami artist, Wataru Ito, created this astounding cityscape with nothing but paper, glue, a craft knife and a hole punch. After four years of crafting, he intends to burn it to nothing but ashes. He plans to video the process and play it backward, so he can see it […]

Manic Monday: Origami Stars Banner

Sarcastra must have a lot of good luck. Look at all of the lucky stars she’s made! She used them to make a banner for her blog (by making the banner by hand and taking a picture of it). She ended up using 1120 stars but that’s actually just a portion of the total number […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Toilet Paper Origami

We papercrafters are never happy unless we use and manipulate every scrap of paper we find. Nothing is immune, and now, that includes our toilet paper. Why have a plain old roll just sitting there when toilet paper origami can transform the your toilet paper into a work of art? Thanks to saxonsweetie for bringing […]

Book Introduction: Kanzashi in Bloom

OK, I admit it. I have been admiring those gorgeous kanzashi flowers around for a few years now, and I have been afraid to try them. I have swapped and bought a few, and looked up tutorials, but I have been afraid to try. There, I said it. Can you still respect me? Well, I […]

Origami Animation

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… I’ve always adored origami, so when I found this little stop-motion video on YouTube, I instantly fell in love! Created over the course of five days, nariomaru did a spectular job with this origami in stop-motion.