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Octopus, Octopuses, Octopi

Q: What is a gathering of octopuses called? A: An Octoposse. Ha! Sorry for the Dad joke, but it’s the perfect intro into this posse of octopi we’re featuring today. (For the record, either version of the plural is acceptable, so I used them both for variety.) maxxev presented her octoposse in a lovely set of […]

@Home This Weekend: Octopus Lights!

This weekend, prove you are the coolest on the block with some stunning octopus vanity lights. When BrocadeLion went to re-do her bathroom, she was deadset on finding some octopus lights to flank the mirror. When she couldn’t find what she wanted, she did what any die-hard Craftster would do: she made her own. Check […]

All Kinds of Octopi!

You may already know that the octopus inhabits many diverse regions of the ocean, but did you also know they can be found on many different boards on Craftster? Here are five unique octopi, each made with a different technique. On the Toys, Dolls, and Playthings board, you’ll find this beautiful hand-stitched stuffed octopus with […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Tentacle Charm

Could this polymer clay tentacle charm squirm its way into the heart of someone on your list? Imtheasian1 gives more complex options for polymer clay pros, but the tutorial is definitely doable by those who are newer to the medium. You could attach it to a necklace, a keychain, a bookmark… just about anything! You […]

Wear It This Weekend: Octopus Pendant

I adore all of the polymer clay octopus tentacle jewelry that’s been floating around lately (seriously, there’s a lot!). I’m not really a polymer clay master but sheepBlue‘s tutorial makes it look easy! Her thread tells you how to make this kick-ass pendant! You can see the full tutorial here: If you make one […]

My name is Octopussy.

What the WHAT!? I can’t stop staring at those eff’n eyes. They seriously skeeve me the frig out. I think I want this chandelier in the hallway outside my kids’ rooms. Yes. I said chandelier. Seriously. RAAAWWWWWWWR. GET BACK IN YER BED!!!! From the listing: This octopus chandelier is made from sculpted arms and head, […]