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Tute Tuesday: Nintendo Controller Case

Raise your hand if you stood outside at midnight to get the new Nintendo gaming console. I see a few hands raised! Show off your geeky pride and protect that new investment with rosered’s tutorial for a Nintendo Controller Case. While this tutorial is specifically for a Nintendo DS, you can alter the dimensions to […]

Gamer Wednesday: A Celebration of The Legend of Zelda

If you’re a diehard Zelda fan like I am, you probably know that the newest entry in The Legend of Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, came out recently for Nintendo 3DS. You also might have ordered the Gold and Black Triforce special edition 3DS, paid for the overnight shipping, and […]

Gamer Wednesday: Super Mario Embroidery

Sometimes it isn’t what you stitch but what you DON’T stitch that makes all the difference. The silhouettes of Princess Peach, Luigi, Mario, and Toad with tons of french knots all around seem like they might just jump right off the hoop! You can see the full thread for this project by tarmine626 here: […]

Gamer Wednesday: Yellow Pikmin (with pattern!)

I’m telling you, if you ever find yourself in need of retrieving ship parts, there are no cuter helpers than the Pikmin here. AniMei needed a little help, so she made herself this little yellow Pikmin. You can even make your own since she was kind enough to share a pattern! You can see the […]

Gamer Wednesday: Duck Hunt Lamp

Were you an expert hunter of the Greater North American Pixelated Duck in your day? Have you put your plastic gun controller away for bigger and better controllers? Why not use it to make yourself a hunting trophy, I mean lamp like fluffypants did? A cheap lampshade, some foam sheets, some cardboard, and a Duck […]

Gamer Wednesday: Mario and Luigi Art Totes

These wonderful totes hold pads of paper and colored pencils on the inside, but I can’t get past those amazing felt appliques on the front! These art totes were made by bobbiemay for a swap. Mama24boyz was a very lucky recipient! You can see the full thread here: You can see more great crafts […]

Gamer Wednesday: NES Controller Fossil

It’s true, Gamer Wednesday is BACK!! This “fossil” of an NES Controller by Joesuplicki seemed fitting for this since we, too are being rediscovered! You can see the full thread here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Nintendo tag.

Gamer Wednesday: Piranha Plant TP Cozy

Jancola hides her extra toilet paper under a warp pipe. But be careful before you put your hand in there! It’s also a Pirahna plant! You can see the full thread here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Super Mario tag.

Fiber Thursday: Link Hat and Mittens

Since I wasn’t able to write a Gamer Wednesday yesterday, I thought I’d inject a little bit of gaming awesomeness into today’s Fiber Thursday! Rousseline made this ridiculously cute Link (as in Legend of Zelda, Link) hat and mittens set for a swap partner! Can you say “lucky swap partner”? She made the pattern herself […]

Gamer Wednesday: Pokemon DS Case

Who wouldn’t want a Nintendo DS case to match their favorite game! Animeariesgirl made her very own Pokedex to store her DS and Pokemon games. Something all good Pokemon trainers need! You can see the full thread here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the DS Case tag.

Winner of Craft Challenge #55 – Pixelate Mama

The Craft Challenge this month was Pixelate Mama. The challenge was to make a pixel project from the image of the Mama character! Our winning entry was created by theatreorchid! Her entry titled, “The Fountain of Mama’s Anger,” is not only a handmade water fountain made from tiles — the tiles are actually handmade, too! […]

Craft Challenge #55, Pixelate Mama! – Time to Vote!

Challenge #55, Pixelate Mama!, is ready for your vote! Check out all of the amazing Mama entries on the entry board here. Choose your favorite project and vote now through October 18. Good luck to all of the entries! 😀

Gamer Wednesday: Link Plush from Legend of Zelda

Well aren’t you just the cutest little Link I’ve ever seen?! TwistedTextiles made this adorable Link plushie for her stepson and she did an amazing job! I’m partial to the hair and eyes myself. She also made most of the clothing removable (scandalous ;)) which is harder but infinitely more awesome from a crafting perspective. […]

Gamer Wednesday: Nintendo DS Purse

These DS case purses are so cute! Rauni made these as gifts for her daughter and her daughter’s friend and I think they just look perfect. Besides the DS, they can hold a 12 games, and an extra stylus, PLUS she included a wrist strap and a cord wrap. They must be the envy of […]

Gamer Wednesday: Mario Quilt

This week on Gamer Wednesday, we featuring an oldie, but a goodie. rmember_myreply posted this Mario quilt back in the summer of 2004. It’s a classic, though, so I thought if you missed it the first time, you’d enjoy seeing it now. Read her post to see some in progress shots and a brief explanation […]