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As Seen on TV: Gary the Snail from Spongebob Squarepants

Gary! Meekssandygirl actually made all of the main Spongebob characters into amigurumi, but I have a soft spot for this adorable snail and his little mrrows. I wonder if I could get my cats to pay my bills like Gary does for Spongebob… hrmm.. While I ponder the logistics, you can find this version of […]

As Seen on TV: Sad Clown in an Iron Lung from Rocko’s Modern Life

I’ve been watching Rocko’s Modern Life recently and it’s just plain weird (in the best way!). Case in point is this sad crying clown in a iron lung shirt made by TrickyMcVomit. It’s based off of a velvet painting Rocko bought off of the shopping channel. So strange. So awesome. You can find the full […]