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Gamer Wednesday: “The Nerdiest Sweatervest”

UpKnitCreek‘s husband is a Nintendo lover. Has been since he was 5 years old. What better gift for him than this knit (self titled) “nerdiest sweatervest“? What skill UpKnitCreek has! What attention to detail! Now her husband can proudly declare his love for Mario everywhere he goes. To view this post on Craftster, click here: […]

She Crafted it with Science

If you think creativity and science don’t go together, we have some amazing science crafts to show you. Not only can math and science skills help you get your craft on in expected ways like pattern drafting, mixing, balancing, measuring, etc, they can also inspire some totally unexpected and utterly marvelous projects! Craftster is chock […]

Book Review: Kilobyte Couture

When I was a little girl, I used to hunt around the bases of utility poles for the small bits of colored wire and other colorful electric bits the telephone linemen and utility workers would leave behind. These tiny treasures seemed beautiful to me and I would make tiny rings and bracelets or save them […]

Ouch. My Brain.

In college I double majored in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. And yet, this makes my brain hurt. Not surprisingly it’s a wee bit more advanced than anything I studied! Dr Hinke Osinga and Professor Bernd Krauskopf, of Bristol University’s engineering mathematics department, crocheted a 3-D representation of the “Lorenz equations” which are apparantly the […]