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Gamer Wednesday: Rockband Shirts

FOC member madpimp entered a Rockband competition with her husband and two friends. For some strange reason they doubted their mad skills (heck out that high score! Geez!) and decided to make costumes to enter the costume portion of the contest! They used freezer paper stencils to recreate the instrument icon that corresponded to what […]

Felton John

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… While at a LOST premiere party tonight a friend showed me Felt Alive‘s Flickr pool. I must say, it’s an awesome find! She has made a number of needle felted celebrities including the felt Elton John pictured here, Conan O’Brien (being attacked by a polar bear), Willie Nelson, and […]

Crafty Music Videos: Division Day – Tigers

Yay! It’s crafty music video time again! I love craft music video time. 😉 This time we’re featuring a video featuring zombie tigers. Not just any zombie tigers, mind you, zombie tigers made by two of our very own members, tesstessi and KeenBean!

Crafting The Beatles

With the huge success of recent releases like the movie “Across the Universe”, Rockband game, and new remastered box set, it’s clear the Beatles really are immortal. No other band in history has inspired such intense loyalty across three generations of fans. Maybe it’s because their iconic images and sound are such a part of […]

Crafty Music Videos: U900

Do you want me to to show you a couple of adorable amigurumi frontmen with the cutest voices in the entire world remake 60’s rock songs on ukulele’s in Japanese? I’m going to assume you’re saying “Yes, please!!” because if not, then, well, I just don’t know you anymore. These are the most adorable crafty […]

Sonic Fabric

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… This is so cool! Sonic Fabric is half old audio cassette tape and half cotton. Even though it’s been woven together, it still creates a sound! Sonic fabric emits sound when you run a tape head (the little thingy inside the tape deck that touches the tape) over it. […]

Crafts Inspired by The Decemberists

The Decemberists are one of the most creative and interesting bands currently rocking the free world. Musically, visually, and lyrically they inspire many Craftsters with their artistry and unique vision. The Decemberists come from Portland, Oregon, and singer Colin Meloy is married to Portland artist Carson Ellis, whose work is featured on their beautiful album […]

Michael Jackson Appreciation in Crafts

For many of us Michael Jackson’s music was very much a part of our lives at one stage of his career or perhaps at every stage of this career. I know his body of work encompasses much more than Thriller, but that was the album that hit me at the right age. I can still […]

American Idol and Music-Related Crafts

With the finale of Americal Idol recently, I thought it would be fun to feature some music-related crafts. Whether you watch the show or not, you can surely appreciate some crafts inspired by music. From jewelry to home decor, it seems that Craftsters have done it all.

Crafty Music Videos – Lisa Hannigan

Crafts and music go together like bees and butterflies – both come from the same garden. Some of our favorite musicians are also Crafters! Here we celebrate the intersection of music and craft, a place where magic happens. Some of these Crafty musicians are using video as the medium to combine their multiple passions and […]

Morrissey in Craft

Last night was the Morrissey concert here in Boston. He was as handsome and talented as ever. <swoon!!> And best of all, I now have the perfect excuse to round up my favorite Morrissey-themed (and Smiths-themed) crafts on Craftster! Let’s start with this adorable t-shirt reconstruction by Craftster member sincitylulu. What a stylish remake of […]

Craft Challenge #36 Announced – Craft a Favorite Song

Craft Challenge #36 has been announced! It’s entitled “Craft a Favorite Song” and entries are due Mar 1 – Mar 5. Read all about it here:

Coupla Craft Challenge Updates

I’m a bit behind the ball on this but I wanted to make sure that the winners of the last two Craft Challenges got their props! Craft Challenge #4 – 1980s Band Homage Winner: darkdiva Project Title: Duran Duran Worship (80’s new wave Gods now older but still hot!) See all of the Challenge #4 […]

Swaps Yield Magnificence

I get so busy with other areas of Craftster that I forget to check in and see what kinds of swaps are going on. So I just popped into the Swap Gallery and there have been so many brilliant swaps lately! Here are some of my recent favorite outcomes… 80’s Music Idol Swap Knit Journey […]

Knitting Rocks!

This isn’t exactly breaking news but I was just reminded of this as I was watching one of the new iPod commercials. A while back the genious French director Michel Gondry made a video for the song Walkie Talkie Man by the band Steriogram where just about everything in the video is knitted! It’s such […]