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Snowy Scenes

You don’t have to be outside in the freezing cold to enjoy the snow! Bring a little touch of winter inside and enjoy it by the fire.alwaysinmyroom made this sweet little icy scene using hand-dyed bottle brush trees, some Snow-tex, and a vintage plastic reindeer. Santa’s workshop is always in snow. yoopidou made this marvelous […]

Tiny Things Are Cute

I love miniatures. It’s so fascinating to see how small, yet detailed, someone can make an object. What is it about tiny things that makes them so adorable?  Ack, this little duck amigurumi by ZombieLili is so wee and perfect! I can’t imagine crocheting something that small! Be sure to check out her post to […]

Faux Foods: All The Fun With None Of The Calories!

Although the foods pictured here look tasty, they are all totally  calorie free, since none of them are even edible. Whether they’re decoration, children’s toys, or bath products, these faux food projects are all in good taste. Doesn’t this plastic wrapped chocolate treat by thisbirdsabsurd make your mouth water? Better not take a bite, because […]

Craft Challenge #48, Little Tiny Challenge 2 – Time to Vote!

Challenge #48, Little Tiny Challenge 2, is ready for your vote! Check out all of the entries here Vote now through March 15. Good luck to all of the entries! 😀

Craft Challenge #49 Announced – Pasta Portraits

Craft Challenge #49 has been announced! “Pasta Portraits” entries are due Apr 1 – Apr 7. Read all about it here! Also be sure to get your entries in for Challenge #48, Little Tiny Challenge 2. Entries are due now through Mar 5. Here are the challenge details, and all of the entries so far. […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Tiny Halloween Town

I have really enjoyed looking through the papercraft board for great Halloween projects this month. I would be seriously remiss if I neglected to feature this Tiny Halloween Town, which is one of my all time favorite Craftster posts, Halloween or not. This is just another of Phizzychick’s amazing projects. This little town is full […]