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Make It With Maps!

Now that many people have a GPS in their car, or even on their smart phone, maps are almost becoming  a thing of the past. Don’t toss them out, though! The beautiful graphics on them are great for use in your art. Take a look: cinnamon teal created this striking monogram using her and her […]

Great Uses for Old Maps

With the advent of Mapquest and cars equipped with navigational systems, road maps are practically becoming a thing of the past. If you’ve got some unused maps around, here are some great project ideas to inspire you. Send some love to your friends in wonderful map envelopes. A simple white label will provide a place […]

Mr X Stitch presents The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – July 1st, 2009

Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge! I’m Mr X Stitch and I’ll be your guide to the best in contemporary embroidery. Each week I’ll showcase someone who is rocking the world of embroidery and textiles. ——————– Shannon Rankin is an interdisciplinary artist from Maine in the US. As Selflesh, she creates amazing pieces of […]