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Bibliocrafting: Book Hoops

Embroidered hoops are a great way to display a favorite book, whether you use a quotation, a scene, a symbol, or a general statement about books. Check out some of the ways our Craftsters have immortalized books in the medium of hoops: Bastet_blue embroidered this beaded Smaug hoop, with a bit of very good advice […]

Gamer Wednesday: Super Mario World Map

Have you ever daydreamed about creating your own world? Queen of the “tons of tiny stitches” projects, Cross stitch ninja recreated the Super Mario 3 World 2 map in cross-stitch. But this isn’t even her first video game world map! She also map the first world from this game AND a Zelda game map! You […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Paper Ornaments

Just because it’s paper doesn’t mean it has to stay flat! Fold your paper up into ornaments this season. cinnamon teal used maps to make the gorgeous ornaments pictured here. Any sort of beautiful paper would work, though. What a great way to recycle! Click here to get to Craftster to see other views of […]