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Tute Tuesday: Japanese Shibori Dyeing

AlwaysInMyRoom has decided to dive deep into her Japanese heritage. We are lucky that she is taking us along for the ride as she learns more about traditional Japanese arts and crafts. She created this easy to follow step-by-step tutorial for Shibori Dyeing. Each twist and turn of the fabric creates an intricate pattern that […]

Manic Monday: Stained glass embroidery

Mania has no expiration date! This post from 2005 is totally a perfect fit for Manic Monday. Jenmkat had only been embroidering for a few months at the time and it still only took her 3 weeks! I wonder if she slept… You can see the full details of this project here:

Crafty Music Videos: U900

Do you want me to to show you a couple of adorable amigurumi frontmen with the cutest voices in the entire world remake 60’s rock songs on ukulele’s in Japanese? I’m going to assume you’re saying “Yes, please!!” because if not, then, well, I just don’t know you anymore. These are the most adorable crafty […]

Book Introduction: Kanzashi in Bloom

OK, I admit it. I have been admiring those gorgeous kanzashi flowers around for a few years now, and I have been afraid to try them. I have swapped and bought a few, and looked up tutorials, but I have been afraid to try. There, I said it. Can you still respect me? Well, I […]