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Home Sweet Home

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. Houses come in all different shapes and sizes, and there are so many ways to celebrate home. Here are a few great house-related crafts I found on Craftster this week. Phizzychick proves the adage “good things come in small packages” with these delightful inchie houses. […]

Bibliocrafting: Book Page Art

Bibliophiles hate to think of ripping pages out of a book. Crafty bibliophiles, however, sometimes must bring themselves to do so in order to produce… well, things like these: FoxyBlue made this lovely mixed media book page:  Phizzychick turned a page about fish into… a prettier page about fish! Jennique made these classically beautiful printed book pages: […]

Craftster Crush: noooitaremybirthday

This month, our Craftster Crush is noooitaremybirthday! Not only is Nooo’s name hard to forget (except for the number of “o”‘s!), but her work is, too. Her drawing style and even her whole crafting style is fun, vibrant, and hard to overlook, as evidenced by her three Best of 2011 projects! Take a look at […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Tiny Halloween Town

I have really enjoyed looking through the papercraft board for great Halloween projects this month. I would be seriously remiss if I neglected to feature this Tiny Halloween Town, which is one of my all time favorite Craftster posts, Halloween or not. This is just another of Phizzychick’s amazing projects. This little town is full […]