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Wear It This Weekend: Wirework Necklace

I’m not a jewelry crafter AT ALL but leopardstripes’ tutorial is so amazing she makes me feel like I could do it! I personally probably couldn’t finish in time for THIS weekend, but if you have more jewelry experience I bet you could! Her tutorial is full of pictures and is so easy to understand. […]

Wear It This Weekend: Headband Cap

When Polly Peanut found a tutorial for a visor style cap but couldn’t quite read it, she took matters into her own hands and created a different version of the same tutorial! This cap is super cute and perfect for these last few days of summer. You can see Polly’s version and a link to […]

Wear It This Weekend: Tons of Tutorials! Take your pick!

Today I’m not just giving you one tutorial, I’m giving you 374! Wow! We just released our very own tutorial list for the Clothing: General board. Everything from aprons to armwarmers, dresses to dressforms, hoodies to hats, and everything in between! If it fits in the Clothing: Completed Projects: General board and has a tutorial, […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make a Worm Composting Bin

With everyone looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, it’s a great time for this tutorial from lolo. She shows step by step how to make a worm composting bin that’s small enough for an apartment, and will yield wonderful compost for your garden. Compost is sometimes called “Garden Gold” for it’s enriching properties. […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Sew Easy, Breezy, Wrap Pants

With Spring and Summer approaching for many of us, it’s time to pack up the sweaters and think about lighter weight clothes for work and fun. These easy wrap pants can be either, depending on your fabric choices. They can take you through Spring right into early Fall. LauPre shows you how with her quick […]

Tute Tuesday: How to stencil with bleach and freezer paper

For this week’s Tute Tuesday, Jenihall shows us how to make an awesome custom tshirt out of a colored t-shirt, freezer paper, and household bleach. The results are so cool you wouldn’t guess it could be made with such ordinary materials! Jenihall’s design is an adorable owl, but the possibilities for this technique are endless. […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Sew a Catnip Mouse

If you have cats you know how quickly they can steal your heart with their soft cuddles and hilarious playful antics. Why not craft them a little surprise so they can get in on the crafty loving, too? These little mice can be made from scrap fabric leftover from bigger projects, and stuffed with catnip […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Knit a Wonder Woman Sweater

If you’re feeling like a superhero, this week’s Tute Tuesday tutorial is for you! Kaby came up with an ingenious way to make a Wonder Woman sweater that will make anyone into a Superhero. Using her intarsia superpower, she very kindly offered up instructions on how she did it, so you, too, can be a […]

Tute Tuesday: How to sew a lined zippered pouch

Zippered pouches are one of the handiest invention on earth. They hold loose change, makeup, craft supplies, and organize our bags and even our rooms. They can be big or small, fancy or plain, but they are always useful. For some of us, though, the humble zippered pouch is a bit of mystery. How to […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make a Craft Fair Banner

Craftster Community Manager, Jungrrl, created this awesome felt banner to use in the Craftster booth at various craft fairs and events. It made its debut at a very rainy Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago last summer, and it was hit! Most recently it was spotted at the Craftster/Standard Recording party at SXSW in Austin, Texas! […]

Tute Tuesday: How to make etched glass canisters

For this Tute Tuesday Onyxnox shares her absolutely ingenious method for etching glass using fabric paint to create a stencil. This method allows for amazing flexibility in creating a design either using a stencil or freehand. Thanks so much to Onyxnox for sharing her secrets, and this awesome unicorn canister set! This method could be […]

Tute Tuesday: Faux Taxidermy Rug

This week on Tute Tuesday we have one of my favorite projects ever, the fake taxidermy rug. This amazing project is original, hilarious, and incredibly well-crafted. You can make your own animal-friendly beast rug for yourself – Hemi*Housewife will show you how it was done. If you are looking for a unique project to brighten […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make Pretty Daisy Cupcakes

Once again it’s Tute Tuesday! I am ready for Spring, but it’s still a little way off. I came across this lovely tutorial for Daisy Cakes from LizardKirk, and they brought a big smile to my face. I think they are just the the thing to cure my spring fever! Have a look, they just […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make a Hipslinger Bag

It’s Tute Tuesday! This week our featured tutorial is a lovely hipslinger bag posted by Rocknroar. This adorable hands-free bag is heaps more stylish that an old fashioned fanny pack/bum bag, but just as convenient. You can use it for almost anything. Carry your essentials with you, use it for treats when walking your dog, […]

How to Make Goldfish Soap in a Bag

Welcome back to Tute Tuesday, where we highlight some of the awesome tutorials our members have posted. This week we have some adorable Goldfish in a Bag Soaps posted by MareMare. These soaps add some humor to your bathroom, and make a great gift for kids or adults. You don’t have to win a carnival […]