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Thinking Outside The Hoopla

Embroidery hoops make great frames for embroidery projects, but what happens when your art is too big for a hoop to contain? You think outside the hoopla, of course! luckdragon created this portrait of her daughter entitled “Big Scarf“, and I think you can see why. That cozy scarf busts right outside the hoop! A […]

@Home This Weekend: Doily Display

This weekend, bring old doilies out of the closet and showcase them using vintage fabric and embroidery hoops. faemystique joined several together to create one large wall hanging. Lovely!

Keeping Us In Stitches

It’s amazing what some people can do with some embroidery floss and a needle. There are so many beautiful examples posted on Craftster that it was difficult for me to choose only a few to feature, but let’s take a look at five that caught my eye this week. Finney used photos to recreate a […]

Spotlight on: Crayon Tinting

Crayons have been used in all types of art and craft projects through time. The wax colored stick known to us as the crayon, has dated back as early as the Egyptians. They used beeswax with pigment for encaustic art on stone. Today we will be checking out the technique of using crayons to tint […]

May Flowers

I sure am enjoying my garden this time of year. Everything’s in bloom, and I can’t help but be happy while viewing all the May flowers. I found a ton of brightly colored May flowers on Craftster, too, and these can be enjoyed no matter what time of the year it is!  I’m in love […]

Don’t Read This.

Surely you’ve seen photos of the Grumpy Cat that are all over the internet. But have you seen some of the grumpy cats that Craftsters have made? Here are five versions of said grumpy cat for you to enjoy. Or not. Grumpy cat couldn’t care less.  papilionette made this awesome needle-felted and embroidered hoopla as […]

Bibliocrafting: Book Hoops

Embroidered hoops are a great way to display a favorite book, whether you use a quotation, a scene, a symbol, or a general statement about books. Check out some of the ways our Craftsters have immortalized books in the medium of hoops: Bastet_blue embroidered this beaded Smaug hoop, with a bit of very good advice […]

As Seen On TV: Bazinga Chemical Hoop

What do you get when you combine barium, zinc, and gallium? Bazinga!! This chemical cross-stitch by beki710 is sure to bring a certain element of fun to any wall. (Ha! I’m so punny!) You can see the full thread here: You can see tons more great crafts by viewing the “Big Bang Theory” tag.

Doctor Who!

Doctor Who? He’s the star of a long-running British science fiction television program: a  humanoid alien who travels through space and time in his Tardis, which looks remarkably like  a blue British police box. It’s a cult favorite, so you know that Craftsters have bound to create many clever Doctor Who crafts! pottermouth made an […]