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@Home This Weekend: WELCOME!

This weekend, delight your guests with a welcome sign made from an old Scrabble board. blupaisan spelled out her welcome with game pieces, and then treated the board so it will be more weather-safe behind the screen door. Welcome! Let’s play! Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Terrific Tuffet

This weekend, put your feet up. Mistress Jennie made the perfect tuffet in just one day! While this may be intimidating to some, even re-covering a simple square footstool will give your tooties a place to rest. Relax, you can do it! Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Whimsical Pom Pom Planter

This weekend, put some spring in your planters with colorful ribbons and pom poms, like classy broad did! “Before”, this was just a plain plastic planter. “After”- look at it now! Plant yours with bright flowers, and your house will be whimsical and fun and full of spring color. What a great way to celebrate […]

@Home This Weekend: Rainbow Ribbon Hair Clip Holder

This weekend, store your hairclips in a beautiful way with a rainbow cloud like this one, by dfabbric. All your accessories will be within reach when you attach them to the colorful ribbon rainbow. This is creative storage at its finest! Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Hot Hot Pads

This weekend, heat up your kitchen with some hot hot pads. No, that extra “hot” is not a typo; these hot pads are literally steaming with hot men. Who has the hottest kitchen in town? TheMistressT! What’s cooking at your house?

@Home This Weekend: Welcoming Wreath

This weekend, bring a little spring to your front door with a beautiful floral wreath. This one, by SunnyDawn, is made from fake flowers from the Dollar Store, so not only will it last for years, it didn’t break the bank. What a lovely way to welcome everyone to your home! Save

@Home This Weekend, Upcycled Planter

This weekend, make a planter out of a large plastic container. kittykill cut the bottom of a large jar of honey, and then embellished it with rows of colorful washi tape. She made sure to use a sealer on the tape so that any moisture won’t cause the tape to peel. What a sweet little […]

@Home This Weekend: Painted Tray

This weekend, personalize a serving tray. All you need is a little creativity and some paint. appledainty chose a Dungeons & Dragons theme for this tray, and after painting it, added lion claw feet. This will be a big hit on game day!

@Home This Weekend: For the Birds

This weekend, give the birds a fancy place to eat! classy broad took a thrifted cup and saucer and adhered them together to make this classy birdfeeder. Filled with seeds, it’s sure to bring all the upperclass birds right to her backyard.

@Home This Weekend: Unique China Wreath

This weekend, create a beautiful wreath out of china teacups! gigglygirl purchased the cups and background plate for this wreath at Goodwill, and added greenery to soften the edges. What she ended up with is a lovely wreath that will go great in a kitchen or breakfast room. You can do it, too!

@Home This Weekend: No More Paint Water!

This weekend, save yourself from taking a tragic sip. Make a set of mugs to help you remember which is “paint water” and which is “NOT paint water”. Almost everyone who paints remembers drinking out of the dreaded paint water cup. Chr1stChan may have just figured out the solution to this age old dilemma. Whew! […]

@Home This Weekend: Inspiration Everywhere

This weekend, take some inspiration from unexpected places. Inspired by a book cover, Camillion created a dreamcatcher which incorporates symbolism from the book and the colors of its cover. Beautiful! Save

@Home This Weekend: DIY Mercury Glass

This weekend, decorate your house with diy mercury glass. You can make these beautiful silver vases with just a few inexpensive supplies. In her post, kittykill details all the steps, so what are you waiting for? Even glass pickle jars look fab with this fun technique!

@Home This Weekend: Featured Projects

This weekend, check out the great list of featured projects from the Home Sweet Home board. Moderator LovelyMiss compiled awesome projects from all the categories: including interior, exterior, and pet related. Get inspired to make your house a home in 2017! Save

@Home This Weekend: Bright Tea Towel Pillows

This weekend, make some colorful pillow from tea towels! This tutorial by magsb80 will tell you how. Choose your favorite towels and add a bright pop of color in an unexpected way. Save Save Save Save