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@Home This Weekend: Bright Spring Wreath

  This weekend, welcome Spring with a bright wreath! Using colorful pots and an assortment of faux succulents and other plants, Ednarb made this fun wreath that is sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Yay, Spring!

@Home This Weekend: Woodburned Cutting Boards

This weekend, grab a woodburning tool and make the cutest cutting boards ever! yzzilnoaj made a dachshund board (shown) and also a board with fish bones on it. What a great way to personalize your kitchen gear. Chop chop! Save

@Home This Weekend: Lovely Spring Wreath

This weekend, brighten up your spring with a lovely floral wreath. This one, by yzzilnoaj, is made with driftwood and beautifully painted pinecone flowers. What a gorgeous way to welcome in warmer weather!

@Home This Weekend: Laundry Flashcards

This weekend, frame some vintage flash cards for a creative art display! TheMistressT matted her clothing-related cards in bright coordinating prints and hung them in her laundry room, making laundry day just a little brighter. So clever! Save

@Home This Weekend: Essential Oils Room Spray

This weekend, gather a few supplies and make some bottles of essential oil room spray. LovelyMiss printed her labels and cut them out on her Silhouette, making such a beautiful presentation. Even with a simpler label, these sprays will smell just as sweet. Click on the post to find out the “recipe” for these sprays. […]

@Home This Weekend: Pom Pom Shades

This weekend, add some fun to your window shades with big puffy pom poms! TheMistressT sewed some shades and added large yarn pom poms to the bottoms for a dash of whimsy. Speaking of whimsy, you’ll love what she used for the shade pulls, but you’ll have to click through to her post to find […]

@Home This Weekend: Stained Chairs

This weekend, create some unique chairs for your dining table. Mistress Jennie found a lovely table inset with iridescent tiles, and just not any chair would do. She purchased some unfinished chairs and gave them a pop of purple color with stain. What a happy place to enjoy a meal!

@Home This Weekend: Cheeseboard Markers

This weekend, use this great tutorial by hillcitybride to make some creative cheeseboard markers. Be the hostess with the mostest; no longer will your guests have to guess what you are offering on your charcuterie tray! Save

@Home This Weekend: Novelty Lamp

This weekend, give your decor a kick in the pants by making a novelty lamp out of a vintage thermos. TheMistressT used a fun plaid thermos as the base of this lamp, and even covered the shade with a fun faux bois fabric. What a bright idea!

@Home This Weekend: Designated Cutting Boards

Have you ever cut something on a wooden cutting board, only to have it take on the unwanted flavor of previously cut garlic? This weekend, use this clever from craftylittlemonkey and do some woodburning to label your boards. Now, you’ll know whether it’s a “yes” or a “no” to use a particular board for cutting […]

@Home This Weekend: Dryer Balls

This weekend, felt up some wool dryer balls, and you’ll never need dryer sheets again. These balls help shorten drying time, and can replace chemical fabric softeners. In her post, LovelyMiss gives step by step instructions on how to make your own. She’s giving hers for gifts, but I’m sure she thought to make enough to […]

@Home This Weekend: Cozy Sweater Quilt

This weekend, upcycle some sweaters to make a cozy quilted blanket. In her post, edelC tells all about her process, including keeping interesting features of the sweaters such as pockets and cables. Snuggle up!

@Home This Weekend: Dreamcatcher

This weekend, sleep well with the addition of a dreamcatcher. Legend has it that the dreamcatcher will snag any nightmares and let only pleasant dreams through. Mistress Jennie made this one a crescent moon and added a vintage starburst at the top. Sweet dreams! Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Hanging Plant Shelves

This weekend, pick up a few items at the hardware store and create some shelves for your plants and seedlings. Acadian Driftwood needed a place near the sun (and away from her cat!), so she made some clear hanging shelves. Her post will show you how! Save Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Hamper Revamp

This weekend, give your hamper the wow factor with a little paint. blupaisan took an old black hamper, painted it a bright turquoise, and then hand painted a bird amongst some branches on the front. It’s a joy to put your dirty clothing up when your hamper is so pretty! Save Save