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@Home This Weekend: Woodburning

This weekend, try your hand at woodburning! With a little practice, maybe you can make an awesome decoration for Halloween, like this vintage-look wooden plaque by redpopsicles. Isn’t it just fabulous?

@Home This Weekend: Spooky Yardbirds

This weekend, haunt your yard with some spooky flamingos. These yardbirds are not of the Florida variety; patty_o_furniture transformed them into zombies, skeletons, mummies, and vultures. BEWARE!!

@Home This Weekend: Tile Coasters

This weekend, grab your colored Sharpies and make some lovely coasters out of loose tiles. In her post, craftADDchick shows how it’s done, using isopropyl alcohol and some contact paper to create a resist. What fun!

@Home This Weekend: Macramé Plant Hangers

This weekend, macramé is back! This knot-tying craft looks better than ever. 85%confusion macraméd a hanger, and hung a succulent in a sleek rounded pot. What a great way to take advantage of a narrow space between windows!

@Home This Weekend: Light Fixture Update

This weekend, update your home by refurbishing your light fixtures. appledainty stripped paint off the glass globes of two fixtures, and then painted the metal parts a beautiful aged copper color with gold highlights, giving them a fresh new look. You can do it too!

@Home This Weekend: Solar Lighted Monogram

This weekend, light up your nights with a solar powered monogram! TheMistressT took an “F” from an old sign, painted the outside a pretty copper color, and fitted the insides with solar powered LED string lights. Illuminating!

@Home This Weekend: Unicorn Dream Catcher

This weekend, don’t just make a dream catcher; make a *unicorn dream catcher*. Surely it contains twice the power to keep the nightmares away. Mlsocci74 used colorful yarns to create the web, and then added flowers and a unicorn horn and ears to increase the magic.  

@Home This Weekend: Dragonflies in the Yard

This weekend, have a blast making dragonflies with wire and other bits and bobs you’ve collected. cmarion3 used teardrop light bulbs, bottle caps, old springs and more to create this happy assemblage. What a fun addition to your outdoor space!

@Home This Weekend: A Whale of an Idea

This weekend, get creative not only with your art, but how you hang it. yzzilnoaj made some whales out of clay and mounted them on pallet wood. She then got extra clever and hung each piece with rope and a pulley. Wow! They look so great. I’m digging around in my stash for a pulley, stat!

@Home This Weekend: Art Wall

This weekend, encourage creativity in your home with an art wall. Wishing for an extra large canvas, sweets4ever scouted out an available wall in the garage and painted it white. Now the entire family can paint to their heart’s delight. What fun!

@Home This Weekend: Ant Baffle

This weekend, keep those pesky ants our of your hummingbird feeder with an easy to make ant baffle! Nobody wants ants floating in their sugar water, so Acadian Driftwood used a plastic food tub and some other simple supplies to create a mote that prevents the ants from invading the feeder. Now everyone (excluding the […]

@Home This Weekend: Fancy Solar Lighting

This weekend, glam up your garden with some fancy solar lights! curiousfae‘s friend purchases candlesticks from thrift stores, paints them black, and then adds the lighted part of solar lights to the top to make these one of a kind solar candles. Perfect for a cool night in the garden.

@Home This Weekend: DIY Earthbox

This weekend, grow your own veggies in this diy earthbox, made with plastic storage containers. Although AeonGoddess lives in an apartment with no actual yard, look at these lush plants she is able to grow in her small space. Make sure you read her tutorial on how you can make one of these for your […]

@Home This Weekend: Beaded Hanging Planters

This weekend, spiff up your plants with beads! Yaqulek used a variety of beads to make these hanging planters. Make sure you click on the image to see other designs! And then, get beading!

@Home This Weekend: Accent Pillow

This weekend, add some pizzazz to any room with a new pillow! Wishing to add some color to a mostly brown room, TheMistressT was able to use fabric, trim and even stuffing from her stash to make this accessory. You can do it! Save