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@Home This Weekend: Wonderful Walls

This weekend, paint a mural on your wall! patty_o_furniture decorated her wall with this awesome Harry Potter scene, done in silhouettes. It’s perfect for a media room, or any room that needs a touch of magic! Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Transformed Masterpiece

This weekend, revive an old piece of art. MissingWillow had a print of a sleepy farm scene that had been in her family, but it really wasn’t her style. She added a cutout image of a dragon, and voila! It’s definitely a one of a kind piece now. The best thing is that the dragon is […]

@Home This Weekend: Hexie Rug

This weekend, you probably won’t have time to make a hexie rug as big and beautiful as this one, but you sure can get started! noodle-bug actually spent a couple of years making and sorting the hexagons for this rainbow rug. I think you’ll agree it was well worth the effort; this is destined to […]

@Home This Weekend: Beware!

This weekend, show your sense of humor. patty_o_furniture  recently began raising chickens, and noticed that they ate like vicious dinosaurs. She then got the brilliant idea to make this “Beware the tiny raptors” sign to adorn the chicken coop. Love it!

@Home This Weekend: DIY Curtain Rods

This weekend, make some extraordinary curtain rods out of ordinary materials. The awesome rustic curtain rod pictured here was made by TheMistressT using PVC rods and purchased wooden finials. She gave it a beautiful faux bois finish, and now all that’s left to do is hang the drapes!

@Home This Weekend: DIY Side Table

This weekend, make an attached side table for your dining room or entry way using this tutorial post by miep, who created this piece using purchased table legs, some wood, and pvc pipe. You’ll want to check out the entire article, as it’s full of photos and other great ideas, including a side table made […]

@Home This Weekend: Suncatcher

This weekend, grab some wire and beads and make a beautiful suncatcher like this one, by phoenixfiredesigns. This colorful wire tree will feel right at home in your yard or window. Beautiful! Save

@Home This Weekend: An Orb For Your Yard

  This weekend, adorn your garden with a unique cement orb that you create yourself. Balatong included a complete tutorial in her post. I definitely want one (or more!) of these in my yard.  

@Home This Weekend: WELCOME!

This weekend, delight your guests with a welcome sign made from an old Scrabble board. blupaisan spelled out her welcome with game pieces, and then treated the board so it will be more weather-safe behind the screen door. Welcome! Let’s play! Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Terrific Tuffet

This weekend, put your feet up. Mistress Jennie made the perfect tuffet in just one day! While this may be intimidating to some, even re-covering a simple square footstool will give your tooties a place to rest. Relax, you can do it! Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Whimsical Pom Pom Planter

This weekend, put some spring in your planters with colorful ribbons and pom poms, like classy broad did! “Before”, this was just a plain plastic planter. “After”- look at it now! Plant yours with bright flowers, and your house will be whimsical and fun and full of spring color. What a great way to celebrate […]

@Home This Weekend: Rainbow Ribbon Hair Clip Holder

This weekend, store your hairclips in a beautiful way with a rainbow cloud like this one, by dfabbric. All your accessories will be within reach when you attach them to the colorful ribbon rainbow. This is creative storage at its finest! Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Hot Hot Pads

This weekend, heat up your kitchen with some hot hot pads. No, that extra “hot” is not a typo; these hot pads are literally steaming with hot men. Who has the hottest kitchen in town? TheMistressT! What’s cooking at your house?

@Home This Weekend: Welcoming Wreath

This weekend, bring a little spring to your front door with a beautiful floral wreath. This one, by SunnyDawn, is made from fake flowers from the Dollar Store, so not only will it last for years, it didn’t break the bank. What a lovely way to welcome everyone to your home! Save

@Home This Weekend, Upcycled Planter

This weekend, make a planter out of a large plastic container. kittykill cut the bottom of a large jar of honey, and then embellished it with rows of colorful washi tape. She made sure to use a sealer on the tape so that any moisture won’t cause the tape to peel. What a sweet little […]