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@Home This Weekend: School Spirit Wreath

This weekend, show your school spirit with a decorative wreath. Powerhouseofthecell wrapped a wreath form with school colors and added bright flowers. Go team!

@Home This Weekend: DIY Room Divider

This weekend, wow your friends with a gorgeous room divider made from everyday objects. pookiemccool made this pretty screen using a printer box, some old curtains, leftover furniture paint, and duct tape. This would be perfect for a shared bedroom!

@Home This Weekend: For The Birds

This weekend, grab a large leaves and make a bird bath! This one was made with a rhubarb leaf. cmarion3 included a great tutorial with her post, so check it out!

@Home This Weekend: Plastic Bag Fruit Bowl

This weekend, upcycle your plastic grocery bags and make an awesome fruit bowl. All you need is some cardboard, a few nice plastic bags, and a tutorial by sophie_aj. What fun!

@Home This Weekend: A Rainbow For Your Porch

This weekend, create a rainbow for your porch! Using beads of every color, crystals, and charms, Mistress Jennie made this beautiful suncatcher, which no doubt throws color all over the place on a sunny day. Beautiful!

@Home This Weekend: Upgrade Your Kitchen

This weekend, upgrade your kitchen using some (or all!) of these great ideas from appledainty. Increase your storage by adding sliders to your shelf, as pictured here. Convert the panel in your sink to a tip-out drawer for sponges. Create a “Caffeination Station”. All these ideas and more!

@Home This Weekend: Sweet Pillows

This weekend, decorate your room with a cute cupcake pillow (or three!) ErinAquaheart designed this sweet trio for maximum cupcake fun.

@Home This Weekend: Potholders!

This weekend, relive your childhood and make some woven potholders. Remember how fun these were to make? Bonus, now you can make them to match your kitchen. kittykill created some beautiful patterns on hers. Now I need a potholder loom….

@Home This Weekend: Autumn Wreath

This weekend, welcome Fall (it is coming soon, right?) with a beautiful yarn wrapped autumn wreath. This one, by endymion features fabric flowers, painted acorns, and lots of fall trimmings. Beautiful!

@Home This Weekend: Murals!

This weekend, brighten up your space with painted wall murals! Happyturtle shared her process and tips on how she created this very sunny spot to work. You can do it!

@Home This Weekend: Bowl Cozy

This weekend, make a handy bowl cozy, and never again worry about picking up a hot bowl out of the microwave. craftADDchick made a fun science themed cozy for a friend. Use the fabric that speaks to you!

@Home This Weekend: Auto-Waterer!

This weekend, use an empty wine bottle to create an auto-waterer for your potted plants. craftylittlemonkey will show you how. It’s great for when you’re on vacation. Finally! A use for all those empties…

@Home This Weekend: Fairy Garden

This weekend, grab some miniature furniture and a few succulents, and create a whimsical fairy garden. craftylittlemonkey added a tiny chair and a wheelbarrow. This is a garden any fairy would be happy to call home!

@Home This Weekend: Doily Display

This weekend, bring old doilies out of the closet and showcase them using vintage fabric and embroidery hoops. faemystique joined several together to create one large wall hanging. Lovely!

@Home This Weekend: Dish Soap Apron

This weekend, put the kitsch in your kitchen by providing your dish soap with a tiny apron of its own. bethntim gave her soap an apple themed apron to match her kitchen. Now that’s just good clean fun!