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@Home This Weekend: Featured Projects

This weekend, check out the great list of featured projects from the Home Sweet Home board. Moderator LovelyMiss compiled awesome projects from all the categories: including interior, exterior, and pet related. Get inspired to make your house a home in 2017! Save

@Home This Weekend: A Fairy Garden

This weekend, make a home for wee people! Sunbala painted a small wooden birdhouse in bright colors, and added it to a pot filled with succulents. A tiny garden fence, some sweet little stepping stones, and a whimsical fairy garden is created. Such fun!

@Home This Weekend: Blinged Out Mirrors

@Home this weekend, make a gorgeous blinged out mirror using recycled materials. bookstorebabe makes the greatest upcycled mirrors! For this one, she used a piece of cherry cabinet, bits and pieces of old jewelry, a few charms and odd earrings, and iridescent glass tiles from the craft store. A mirror like this would be a […]

Clever, Budget Friendly Ideas For Your Home

Home improvements don’t have to be major, or costly. Sometimes little changes make a huge impact. Be creative with your ideas and your materials, and you can add original touches to your home the DIY way.  When a local charity rejected her offer of old dome ceiling lamps, Balatong came up with this ingenious way […]

Home Sweet Home: Mosaic Suitcase Table

tatobuggy7 transformed an old suitcase into a fun and colorful table with just a few steps. Using paint chips and Elmer’s Glue, she embellished the suitcase with a mosaic-like pattern to make it quite a conversation piece. Check out her tutorial to make one for yourself! To see this project on Craftster click here: […]

Home Sweet Home: Chicken Coop

Sometimes chickens need their very own home sweet home. Member dzyn made the perfect A-frame coop for her feathered friends. As an added bonus, it’s even created from recycled materials! To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related projects on Craftster, check out the coop tag here:;sa=showtopics;tag=coop

Home Sweet Home: Pterodactyl Dresser

isfive created this pterodactyl dresser for her son’s nursery. It’s a great solution for the common challenge of how to add color to a room when you can’t paint the walls for one reason or another. She used vivid paint colors and homemade stencils on the dresser, which will not only serve as storage, but […]

Home Sweet Home: Crib Rail Guards

Ut oh! Your adorable baby had decided he is on a mission to chew his way out of the crib. Instead of rushing out to retail to purchase plastic rail guards, why not make a custom fabric set to match the nursery? evilSabina shares her son’s colorful owl rail guards. Make matching curtains and wall […]

Home Sweet Home: Dice Birdhouse

This simple, but striking birdhouse is sure to attract some attention hanging in your garden. sswoodcraft shares with us that cardboard stencils are the trick to creating this fun design. Make one for your feathered friends today! To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related projects on Craftster, check out the […]

Home Sweet Home: Paper Wall Art

With just a few pieces of paper, scissors and tape, you can create striking and beautiful decor for your home. MsJeshka shared with us her living room adorned with Valentine’s Day Wall Art. I’d love to try this with huge polka dots in vibrant scrapbook paper designs. To see this project on Craftster click here: […]

Home Sweet Home: Rice Pillow Animals

After a long day of tedious crafting, maybe you could use a warm rice pillow to pamper yourself. Luckily, eakarink posted these ridiculously cute and functional rice pillows to inspire you. After just a little more crafting, you can finally relax! Make a few for yourself. You deserve them! To see this project on Craftster […]

Home Sweet Home: Purple Kitchen

Member coloringmyworld obviously has THE perfect username! She transformed her traditional kitchen into an explosion of periwinkle, custom artwork and beautiful freehand flower murals. Her vibrant art and petite seating area seem to actually create a little café right inside her home. I have decided to name it The Coloringmyworld Cafe. It’s catchy, right? 😀 […]

Home Sweet Home: Guinea Pig Hidey House

We could only hope to be as cozy and warm as this little guinea pig in her adorable beehive hidey house. Chubby Pixie shared that she made this hidey house from fleece as part of the garden-themed cage accessories for her girls. Be sure to check out her holly hammock and present hidey house, too! […]

Home Sweet Home: Decorated Mirror

pinkpoodle230 found a creative method for reusing a mail-order product catalog. She cut out all of the colorful images and adhered them around the edge of a wall mirror. The result is simple, but adds a bit of fun flair to her room. To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related […]

Home Sweet Home: Clarinet Lamp

PinkDaisy repurposed her old, broken clarinet into a fabulous and colorful lamp. I’m sure many of us have an old grade school instrument tucked away in a closet or chest somewhere. Why not reconstruct it and give it new life? To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related projects on Craftster, […]