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Halloween Houses (Haunted, of course!)

While I absolutely hate going to see haunted houses at Halloween (too scary for me!), I love a miniature haunted house. They are adorably spooky and they’re really fun to make. Here are some ultra eerie abodes that pack a lot of creepy into small packages. Here’s a tiny spooky party in a tiny spooky […]

Haunt Your House For Halloween!

Halloween is nearing, and many of the houses in my neighborhood are starting to take on a bit of a creepy air. It’s time to haunt your house! Here are some great ideas for decorating the outside of your home; it’s the perfect way to welcome all the little trick or treaters that come your […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Haunted House ATC Holder

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are so much fun to trade and collect, but sometimes it’s hard to know the best way to store or display them. qazicat came up with a delightfully ghoulish way to keep her special Halloween ATCs together: she used foam core, tissue paper and sheet music to create this amazing Haunted […]