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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Mondrian Inspired Tri-Shudder Card

We tend to forget how magical it is to get a homemade card in the mail. It is so nice to receive something other than bills and advertisements. Share your love for ephemera with ceep’s tutorial for a Mondrian Inspired Tri-Shudder Card. This exquisite card may look complicated but the process is easy with a […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Fancy Cape

Do you have a friend who is constantly off to visit her grandmother with a basket of goodies? Why not keep her warm and dry this winter with a beautiful red Fancy Cape. Craftster member Lothruin shares her tutorial for this cape that is not only stunning but easy to sew. If red isn’t your […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Tea Wallet

There is nothing better on a cold winter’s day than a warm cup of tea. It makes the body and soul happy. A Tea Wallet from Natalex is the perfect gift for those coworkers and friends who love to have a little cuppa during the day. Fill the wallet with different types of teas from […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Best White Elephant Gift

White Elephant gifts are supposed to be awesomely bad. Turn the joke up a notch this year with Patty_o_Furniture’s tutorial for a Hidden Mayonnaise Jar. She pulled a fast one on her kids by giving them a fake jar of mayonnaise in their lunch. When they opened the jar, they found their food and all […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Christmas Crack

When I say Christmas Crack I am not talking about Uncle Stan bending over to grab presents from under the tree. I am talking about the most delicious treat known to man. Years ago Mistress Jennie posted a recipe for Christmas Crack and the angels sang. Never has a sweet treat been so easy to […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Christmas Crackers

Spice up your next holiday party with fun Christmas Crackers. These party favors are not the kind you eat, although they can be a bit salty (WINK!). Craftster member elliebelly123 shares her tutorial for Christmas Crackers that can be not used only during the holiday season but anytime you want to have a party. Fill […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: TM Style Pouch

Did you know that our very own craftylittlemonkey is the queen of using up her scrap fabric? She can turn any small piece of fabric into a work of art. Her tutorial for a TM Style Patch is perfect for anyone on your list. It can be used for craft supplies, cash, or glasses. You […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Lip Balm in Slider Tins

Got a secret Santa? What about a secret crush? Take care of both people with a Craftster Quickie’s video for Lip Balm Slider Tins. This project is easy to follow and will provide you with gifts for multiple people. Break out that washi tape stash that you have been hoarding and personalize the slider tin […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Scrappy Heart Sachets

Are you like most crafters? You have a hard time throwing away pieces of fabric? Sure it may be a tiny scrap, but you might need it one day. Today is the day to grab those leftovers and share the holiday love with CMarion3’s tutorial for Scrappy Heart Sachets. This project is so easy and […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Free Motion Octopus with Color

You should try something new this gift giving season. Craft outside of the box with Pottermouth’s tutorial for a Free Motion Octopus with Color. Using her sewing machine, she creates a beautiful and whimsical creature with bright colors. This project may seem complicated, but it is easy and very forgiving for the novice. You can […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Restoring a Vintage Sewing Machine

There are those of us who absolutely love vintage things. We adore the stories attached to the object and can’t wait to give an old item new life. Craftster member Hannahmaree shares her love of restoration with this tutorial for Restoring a Vintage Sewing Machine. This step-by-step guide shows you how to take a large […]

Handmade Holiday 2018: Lemon Basil Scones

Everyone loves baked goods during the holiday season. Mistress Jennie wants to spread a little bit of sunshine during this grey weather with her recipe for Lemon Basil Scones. These tasty treats are a nice pick me up on a cold winter’s day. Embroider a festive napkin to wrap the scones in for a more […]

Handmade Holiday 2018: Corgis!

Who doesn’t love a snuggle from a four legged friend? Our pets are the universe’s way of telling us everything is going to be okay. CMarion3 shares her tutorial for this adorable Corgi that will brighten any creature’s day. This pattern is perfect for making an ornament, a toy or a pillow. If Corgis aren’t […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Faux Marble with Polymer Clay

Just because a craft is quick and easy doesn’t mean that it is sloppy and less desirable. Creating Faux Marble with Polymer Clay is a perfect example of a project you can make in no time at all and it looks like it came from an expensive department store. From coasters to jewelry, you can […]