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Handmade Halloween Costumes: Food Costumes

It’s fun to dress up in costumes as a group. hippieguts123 and her friends look great dressed as food. It’s not quite the complete food pyramid, but swiss cheese, a strawberry, an ice cream cone, a cheese sandwich and some meat are represented. PREVIOUS POSTS Muppet Costume, October 1 Ball o’Yarn Costume, October 2 Gnome […]

Handmade Halloween Costumes: “Where the Wild Things Are” Costumes

Let the wild rumpus begin! Most (if not all) of us have fond childhood memories of Max and the Wild Things from Maurice Sendak’s book. sjeanette brought them all to life last Halloween with these amazing costumes.  They look just like the characters in the book! Incredibly, she made all the costumes in a only […]