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It’s Beginning to Look Like…Halloween!

Spooky projects of all sorts are starting to pop up on Craftster, and that can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming! Here are a few of the most recent posts to grace the Halloween board. Normally, a putz house would signify Christmas, but this little glittered beauty by pottermouth seems to be haunted! A […]

Craftster Quickies: How to Make Fabric Pumpkins

In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to make fabulous fabric pumpkins! Glam? Rustic? Halloween? What’s your fabric pumpkin style? When you make some, be sure to post them, so we can feature you! 🙂

Countdown to Halloween

It’s almost here, our favorite spooky time of year. Halloween is next Monday, and Craftsters have been busy making all sorts of Halloween decor. Look what’s been added just these last few days! This appears to be a vintage trick or treat pail, but it’s actually a reproduction by Ludi. Made from paper maché, this […]

Tute Tuesday: Gather Ye Rosebuds Halloween Wreath

It’s Halloween! Time to get your spook on! Welcome those little monsters with a boo-tiful Gather Ye Rosebuds Wreath from our very own awesome Craftster moderator, Mistress Jennie. Using items purchased at the Dollar Store, you can make your very own Halloween door decor for less than $20.00. That is something to scream about! This […]

Tute Tuesday: Little Foam Skulls

What happens with an awesome crafty person like cmarion3 can’t find the perfect skull decoration for Halloween? Why she makes her own Little Foam Skulls, of course! No bones about it, this tutorial is wickedly easy to follow and you do not need to be an artist to create a fun skeleton face. Use your […]

Hooray for the Orange and Black

It’s that time of year! Orange and black (perhaps with hints of purple and lime green) are the IN colors for October. Decorate your house with handmade Halloween fun! Need some inspiration? Well, say no more. alwaysinmyroom crocheted a couple of black frames, and needed something to fill them. She wisely chose a pair of […]

Craftster Quickies: How to Make Halloween Boo Bags

In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to make spooktacular Halloween boo bags! These snack bags are fun for school, parties and trick or treating.

Extreme Jack O’Lanterns

It’s almost pumpkin carving time! Sure you can cut triangle eyes and a jagged mouth in your pumpkin and call it a day, but with a little more work, look how incredibly awesome your jack o’lantern could be. tendstowardschaos chose the grinning face of the cheshire cat for her delightfully spooky pumpkin. I’m sure you […]

Witch, Please!

Halloween is right around the corner, so beware the witching hour! Witches are abundant on Craftster, so let’s meet a few. This witch figurine by hauntedcottage is so lifelike, but don’t worry; she’s made of polymer clay. You’re going to want to click the photo to see the post with all the wonderful details. How […]

Beware! Black Cats!

Is it true black cats bring bad luck? I don’t think so; they actually bring Halloween! You can’t enjoy a good scary Halloween without some spooky black cats hanging around, and there are several lurking all over the Craftster boards. yoopidou created this marvelous grinning cat that takes its pumpkin mask on and off when […]

Teeny Teeny Halloweenie

How about a little Halloween today? And I mean “literally little” because all of these objects are really small. They may be tiny, but they’re just the perfect touch of sweet and spooky. Ludi made this adorable trick or treat kitty with its scary pumpkin mask for a partner in the One Tiny Halloween Thing […]

Monsters, Monsters Everywhere

Friday is Halloween, and all the monsters will come out to play. Craftster has plenty of monsters lurking on the boards. Take a look! These costumes of the characters from the beloved children’s book Where the Wild Things Are are just incredible! sjeanette made the outfits and masks for each of the characters, including Max. […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite (Spooky!) Things

No raindrops on roses today; it’s Halloween season! Here are a few of my favorite things found on the Halloween board this year. I absolutely love this frightened little toad, who’s perched himself up on a spooky skull. Who is responsible for this paper maché masterpiece? The Raging Sloth. fiberartsy picked up a small birdcage […]

@Home This Weekend: Create a Spooky Yard

This weekend, whip up a few faux tombstones and transform your exterior for spooky Halloween fun! TheMistressT injected a bit of humor into her headstones. For example, the grave pictured on the left memorializes “Hugh Jass”. Ready for Halloween?

Tute Tuesday: A Wicked Fascinating Fascinator for Halloween

I Sew Cute is at it again! She has created a tutorial for a Wicked Fascinating Fascinator for Halloween. Her little witch model is just too adorable! This project doesn’t have to be just for the little ones. It would look equally as sassy on top of your noggin! This project is so simple and […]