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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Holiday Ribbon Bow

All the gifts are crafted and ready to be wrapped. Sure you could just throw a cheaply made “meh” bow on your presents but, c’mon! This is you we are talking about. You are fabulous, crafty and made of glitter! No normal bow on top will do! You need a festive holiday ribbon bow! Crafty247 […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Plastic Dome Ornaments

The clock is ticking, but you still have time to craft something sweet and meaningful for that special someone. Craftster member Jenxx share’s her tutorial for Plastic Dome Ornaments that can be crafted in an afternoon. You don’t have to limit the inhabitants of the dome to the holiday season. They can be personalized to […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Easy Paper Ornaments

The countdown has begun and you are still stumped for handmade gift ideas. You need something quick and easy for last minute gift giving. CMarion3 shares her tutorial for Easy Paper Ornaments that can be displayed all year round. Paper ornaments can be customized to anyone’s style and decor. Hang these little baubles in a […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Simple House Stamps

Hand carved stamps are a great way to give two gifts in one. You can create a personalized stamp and a one of a kind piece of art. Craftster member Limeriot shows you how to take a simple eraser and turn it into a Hand Carved Stamp that you can use for just about anything. […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Crochet Sugar Skulls

Looking for something a bit outside of the normal holiday scene? Why not crochet Sugar Skulls! Craftster member bethntim shares their pattern for Crochet Sugar Skulls that can be turned into just about anything. Crochet several at one time to make scarves, coasters, pins and hats. You can even make ornaments for a tree. Don’t […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Reusable Notebook Cover

Looking for a small last minute gift for that special coworker or friend? Why not stitch them up a Reusable Notebook Cover. Staying organized never looked so happy. Craftster member Leslieshappyheart shows you how to make a cover for a journal or day planner that can be used not only now, but for many years […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Rust Dye Scarf

Looking for a unique gift to give this holiday season? Why not try something new with Abbeeroad’s tutorial for a Rust Dye Scarf. This technique creates a vintage pattern look to the scarf. It is perfect for the steampunk or cosplay person in your life. Embroider images or a monogram for an even more personal […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Crafty Badges

Let’s hear it for crafty peeps! They can take anything and bend it, shape it, knit it, stitch it into something beautiful and breathtaking. Of course, those who create the magic know that it comes at a price. Burnt finger from glue guns, staying up way past bed time, thread that gets bunched up in […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Scrap Pictures

Raise your hand if you have a million pieces of scrap fabric sitting around. It is just screaming at you to be used. “MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF ME!!!” Now you can put those scraps to good use and create beautiful one of a kind pieces of art. Craftylittlemonkey ‘s tutorial show us how those little […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Marshmallows from Scratch

Do you have someone in your life that has a sweet tooth? Instead of getting them the same old box of chocolates why not make them a tasty treat using Rckfella’s recipe for Marshmallows made from scratch. It is not as difficult as it seems and you can try different flavors once you have the […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Painted Background

What do you get a person who has everything? How about a mixed media piece of art. Craftster member audio shows you how to create artwork that can be hung on the wall or used as backgrounds for profile pictures on the internet. Mixed Media Art is so much fun to create. There are no […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: The Roaming Gnome

Do you have friends or family who love to travel? Why not make them a fun Panoramic Picture Frame with a cute little mascot. Craftster member Minouette shares her idea for a moving picture frame that can customized in so many ways. If gnomes aren’t your thing, you can add little peg people or other […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Hot/Cold Rice Packs

Gifts for coworkers can be risky. So many people have restrictions nowadays that planning one gift for all can cause you to pull your hair out. Craftster moderator LovelyMiss has the perfect solution for group gifts. Her tutorial for Hot/Cold Rice Packs is a gift that everyone can use. This project is a great way […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Kitty Floss Holders

Do you have a friend who might need a little help organizing their craft supplies? They have patterns, floss and hoops everywhere. Why not help them get organized and give them a fun gift with Kitty Floss Holders by Craftster member yoopidou. These adorable kitties can be a part of a “how to” gift basket. […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2016: DIY Dryer Sheets

When you think of holiday presents what is the first thing that comes to mind? Dryer sheets? Don’t turn your nose up! DIY Dryer Sheets by CraftADDChick is a great gift for anyone who has allergies. You can scrap bust your fabric and make cute reusable sheets that are free of chemicals. This is a […]