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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Fancy Cape

Do you have a friend who is constantly off to visit her grandmother with a basket of goodies? Why not keep her warm and dry this winter with a beautiful red Fancy Cape. Craftster member Lothruin shares her tutorial for this cape that is not only stunning but easy to sew. If red isn’t your […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Christmas Crackers

Spice up your next holiday party with fun Christmas Crackers. These party favors are not the kind you eat, although they can be a bit salty (WINK!). Craftster member elliebelly123 shares her tutorial for Christmas Crackers that can be not used only during the holiday season but anytime you want to have a party. Fill […]

Handmade Holiday 2018: Corgis!

Who doesn’t love a snuggle from a four legged friend? Our pets are the universe’s way of telling us everything is going to be okay. CMarion3 shares her tutorial for this adorable Corgi that will brighten any creature’s day. This pattern is perfect for making an ornament, a toy or a pillow. If Corgis aren’t […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Scratch Cards

Collecting and crafting stocking stuffers is so much fun! Of course you will give socks, a comb and maybe some undies. How about taking it up a notch or two with Handmade Scratch Cards. Craftster member Patty_o_furniture shares her tutorial for these fun cards that will delight everyone on Santa’s lists. The scratch-offs can include […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Pen Holder for a Journal

The holiday season is upon us and it is time again for the Craftster Handmade Holiday Gift Guide. This year we kick on gift giving with a smart craft from one of our favorite members, craftylittlemonkey. Her tutorial for a Pen Holder for a Journal is not only functional, but also a great way to […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

The yule log is roaring on the TV, you’re wrapped up in your favorite blanket and a text comes in. The hottie mchottie is at the downstairs neighbor’s party. Get your booty dressed, bring a gift and get to the party STAT! All of the stores are closed! What are you going to do? You […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Crochet Santa Boot Cuffs

Ho Ho Ho! Who’s that coming down the chimney? Nope, it’s not crazy Uncle Bruce! It’s Santa Claus! The jolly elf in the red suit is getting ready to make his way around the world spreading happiness to all the good girls and boys. Spread your own holiday cheer with these adorable Crochet Santa Boot […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Cardboard Shelf

What do you make the person who collects everything? Why not craft a Cardboard Shelf to display their amazing trinkets. Craftster member EdelC shares her tutorial for this whimsical and functional case that can be customized to fit any personality. Show off friends and family portraits in each little cubbyhole. This shelf isn’t just for […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Molasses Candy

Everyone knows candy is dandy for gift giving during the holiday season. Calories do not count this time of year. Patty-o-Furniture shares her recipe for Molasses Candy that is perfect for large group gifts such as book clubs, coworkers or crafty caravans. Making sweets is an adventure, but even the “mistakes” taste great. So really, […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Elf on a Shelf Tutu

Has an Elf on a Shelf invaded your home this holiday season? If so, you are not alone. Pottermouth’s elf, Alton, has been causing mischief for years. This year he decided to class up the joint with a rendition of the Nutcracker ballet. Of course an Elf of the Shelf Tutu was necessary! This adorable […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Recycled Sweater Quilt

The snow is falling, the fire is roaring and you are ready to snuggle up with that special someone. While body heat is nice, it only gets you so far. Sew a Recycled Sweater Quilt for your sweetie and spend the winter nights toasty warm. EdelC shows you how to take those old sweaters and […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Mini Heart Pinata

The gifts are wrapped and under the tree. Now it is time to focus on stocking stuffers. Socks are great, but let’s step up your game a little bit with LovelyMiss‘ Mini Heart Pinata. These cute minis are a fun way to hide candies and tiny toys.Try your hand at making holiday themed pinatas like […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Crochet Knotted Head Wrap

Do you have a friend who has perfect hair? You could crochet them a hat, but then the hair will no longer have that beautiful look. Keep your friend’s noggin’ warm and save the style with Bethntim’s tutorial for a Crochet Knotted Head Wrap. In about an hour you can crochet a wrap for your […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Pipe Cleaner Mouse

What happens when you give a mouse a cookie? He plays you a song on his little itty bitty trumpet. At least that’s what happens in Pottermouth’s world. She has created these adorable Pipe Cleaner Mice that are perfect for gift toppers, stocking stuffers (think pencil toppers) or a holiday diorama. Be careful! These mice […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Danish Heart Basket

Can we get a little love for our letter carriers? They are on high alert this time of year. Delivering packages, working long hours and dealing with cranky customers is not a fun way to spend the holiday season. Why not thank them with a little gift. Kittykill shares her tutorial for a Danish Heart […]