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@Home This Weekend: Hurricane Fish

This weekend, make the best of a bad situation. After Hurricane Irma, yzzilnoaj collected up pieces of destroyed fence posts, and with the help of her hubby, who cut them out, made whimsical fish for friends and loved ones who survived the hurricane with them. Each fish has a unique personality. What fun! Save Save

Make It With Maps!

Now that many people have a GPS in their car, or even on their smart phone, maps are almost becoming  a thing of the past. Don’t toss them out, though! The beautiful graphics on them are great for use in your art. Take a look: cinnamon teal created this striking monogram using her and her […]

Now It’s Getting Personal!

Everyone loves something crafted just for them, and it’s so easy to make your crafts extra special by adding some personalization. Here are some great crafts featuring first names that anyone would love. ZippityZone made great use of fabric scraps to create this whimsical accent pillow for her niece. A  journal becomes special with a […]