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Gamer Wednesday: Companion Cube Rug

I don’t think you’ve ever seen a latch-hook rug as cool as this one. Jonibologna certainly didn’t follow the directions that came with the rug to create this Portal Companion Cube! You can see the full thread for this project here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Portal tag.

Gamer Wednesday: Duck Hunt Lamp

Were you an expert hunter of the Greater North American Pixelated Duck in your day? Have you put your plastic gun controller away for bigger and better controllers? Why not use it to make yourself a hunting trophy, I mean lamp like fluffypants did? A cheap lampshade, some foam sheets, some cardboard, and a Duck […]

Gamer Wednesday: Harry Potter Board Game

This gorgeous set of woodburned game pieces by jennieingram is inspired by Harry Potter. The box contains lots of different kinds of pieces that you can use in all kinds of open source games for tons of fun! You can see the full thread here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the […]

Gamer Wednesday: Polymer Clay Companion Cubes

GeekToys has two addictions, Companion Cubes and polymer clay canes. Put those two together and you get this fantastic thread! Not only does she give a great of how to make this cool cane, she also has a few extra cubes at the end! She says it’s not a tutorial, but it looks like one […]

Gamer Wednesday – Mario Quilt (with Tutorial!)

So you have every Mario Brothers game ever made, but do you have Mario Brothers quilt? Mell0phone made this awesome (and gigantic!) quilt for her boyfriend and was great enough to share a tutorial for the sprite appliques she used! The full thread (with tutorial) is here: You can see more great crafts by […]

Gamer Wednesday: Sonic the Hedgehog Nail Art

Brand new Craftster member HolyPunsBatman is starting off on a great foot! err… finger? She’s showing off her amazing manicured nails. I can barely get one solid color on correctly and she’s painting full video game worlds! Not only does she show off this sweet Sonic the Hedgehog set, she also has one for Super […]

Gamer Wednesday: Left 4 Dead Amigurumi

I don’t know that it’s possible to make a cuter zombie killer. Rinoa1024 made this adorable Rochelle amigurumi and polymer clay Gnome Chompski for a Left 4 Dead themed contest, and won second place! Congrats Rinoa! You can see more great crafts by viewing the Left 4 Dead tag.

Gamer Wednesday: Settlers of Catan bag (with pattern!)

Not all games have controllers… some have boards! Fantasticmio took her inspiration from the Settlers of Catan board! She made this great crochet bag that looks like it’s made of tiles from the board. She even shared a pattern so that you can crochet one of your own! You can see more great crafts by […]

Gamer Wednesday: Link Plush from Legend of Zelda

Well aren’t you just the cutest little Link I’ve ever seen?! TwistedTextiles made this adorable Link plushie for her stepson and she did an amazing job! I’m partial to the hair and eyes myself. She also made most of the clothing removable (scandalous ;)) which is harder but infinitely more awesome from a crafting perspective. […]

Gamer Wednesday: Portal

This cake is real, and looks very delicious! DanniQuee made this uber-chocolatey cake for her fiancee’s Sci-Fi themed birthday party. The cake is chocolate with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles and shavings! mmmmmm. That is definitely an awesome reward! You can see more great crafts by viewing the Portal tag.

Gamer Wednesday: Katamari Prince

I love Katamari! I wish I had my own katamari to role up all the mess on my floor…. Oh well! Maybe I should dream of something more realistic, something like this adorable polyclay Prince with his tiny katamari! So cute! You can see more great crafts by viewing the Katamari tag.

Gamer Wednesday: Nintendo DS Purse

These DS case purses are so cute! Rauni made these as gifts for her daughter and her daughter’s friend and I think they just look perfect. Besides the DS, they can hold a 12 games, and an extra stylus, PLUS she included a wrist strap and a cord wrap. They must be the envy of […]

Gamer Wednesday: Space Invaders Hat

Watch out! There are space invaders on your head! Peppersaskatoon made this awesome Space Invaders hat for a very lucky friend. She actually made her own intarsia chart (although there is one available through Knitty) because she’s just that crafty! You can see more great crafts by viewing the Space Invaders tag.

Gamer Wednesday: Xbox 360 Controller Dress

It’s a family affair on this week’s Gamer Wednesday! Craftster member christephi posted this adorable little dress that she made for her daughter for Father’s Day. Using reverse applique and fabric markers she added the Xbox 360 remote to the dress. How cute! You can see more great crafts by viewing the Xbox tag.

Gamer Wednesday: Chain Chomp Beanbag

What gamer could resist this awesome and GINORMOUS chain chomp beanbag? It’s a perfect perch for playing Mario or just chilling. Liyo Labs has one lucky brother! White fabric paint on the black fabric gives him his toothy grin. But hurry and throw a Koopa shell to defeat him before he takes over your car […]