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Don’t worry; these aren’t real snakes, but faux snakes made by Craftsters. They’re not poisonous, and they definitely won’t bite. Take a look! Surely you’re not frightened by these two cuties? kbauer knit these two colorful reptiles for her lucky kids. What a sweet pet! A tiny green snake. Awww… so cute! Nodsu needle felted him, […]

Gamer Wednesday: Angry Birds Cake!

Craftster member sewhighonlife brought Angry Birds to life, in the tastiest way! She made a real life playable version of the game with cake!! What an awesome birthday treat! You can see the full thread for this project here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Angry Birds tag.

Gamer Wednesday: LittleBigPlanet Cake

In the game LittleBigPlanet, you can create your own worlds to play in. Metria has created her own world out of delicious, delicious cake. Mmmmmm world of cake….. You can see the full thread here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Little Big Planet tag.

Foodie Friday: Home Sweet Gingerbread Home

xperimentl built this frosty home sweet home for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii. I think she definitely deserves some recognition with this one! Her attention to detail shows in the Pez chimney, the little marshmallow bushes and the adorable birdhouse in the front yard. If all of this wasn’t enough, she even […]