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@Home This Weekend: One Fish, Two Fish…

This weekend, grab some airdry clay and make a fanciful fish! Even better, make an entire school of fish. yzzilnoaj made 10 unique fish, painted them in vibrant patterns, and set them free to swim across her living room wall. What fun! Save Save

@Home This Weekend: Hurricane Fish

This weekend, make the best of a bad situation. After Hurricane Irma, yzzilnoaj collected up pieces of destroyed fence posts, and with the help of her hubby, who cut them out, made whimsical fish for friends and loved ones who survived the hurricane with them. Each fish has a unique personality. What fun! Save Save

Something’s Fishy Here

  Let’s cast out a wide net on Craftster and see what we can catch. Whoa, look at all the fish! Who knew there were so many fishy projects floating around on the boards? thisbirdsabsurd didn’t actually catch this string of mackerel; she made them out of canvas and painted them. This string of fish […]

June is National Aquarium Month!

Did you know June is National Aquarium Month? It’s also National Accordion Awareness Month, but there were a lot fewer accordion crafts… maybe we can change that, and by June of next year we can feature them! But for now, aquariums, and sea craftures… starting with a genius interactive (!) ATC by Mountains and Clouds. […]

Something’s Fishy Here!

I really love this mackerel bunting that was recently posted on the Craftster boards. It made me wonder what other sorts of fish-inspired projects might be floating around. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all sorts of fishy projects exist, in almost every medium imaginable. Here are some of my favorites.  thisbirdsabsurd is the […]

As Seen On TV: The Simpsons

It’s hard to believe but The Simpsons will show their 450th episode this Sunday! In honor of one the best shows ever I thought I’d share a little amigurumi of one of my favorite minor characters, Blinky. CraftyLittleDevil was kind enough to share her version our three-eyed friend. You can see the full thread here: […]

Home Sweet Home: Pirate Room

miep shared this pirate room back in 2007 and I’ve had it bookmarked as one of my favorite kids’ rooms since then. I’m secretly hoping my little one develops some sort of love for pirates or nautical, so I can create something like this in the years ahead. The creative little touches really bring this […]

Crafts for Pets

Craftster pets come in all shapes, sizes, and species, but one thing they have in common is that they are loved. Being Craftsters, we like to show our love by making awesome crafts for our loved ones, and our pets are no exception. We’ve combed the Pet Boards for the coolest, craziest, most awesome pet […]