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Tute Tuesday: Fascinators

It’s time to get fancy with Fascinators from cmarion3. Her tutorial shows you how to create snazzy little hats that will turn heads. You can customize this little beauties for whatever occasion you have in your life. Really though, do you need a special day to make your head happy? I didn’t think so. Throw […]

Tute Tuesday: A Wicked Fascinating Fascinator for Halloween

I Sew Cute is at it again! She has created a tutorial for a Wicked Fascinating Fascinator for Halloween. Her little witch model is just too adorable! This project doesn’t have to be just for the little ones. It would look equally as sassy on top of your noggin! This project is so simple and […]

Aliens Among Us

If what they say is true, there really are aliens among us. If you search through the boards of Craftster, it’s certainly apparent that it’s so. Here’s a random sampling of some of the aliens I spotted just this week.  First off, there’s a knit Huragok alien, from Halo:ODST. This amazing plushie, made by larabair, […]