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How to Make No Sew Silhouette Pillows

In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill will teach you how to make no-sew silhouette pillows! Make a fun and functional pillow with a silhouette of your loved one with fusible tape and fabric glue.

Handmade Gift Ideas: Fabric Calendar

A calendar is a great gift, but why waste all the paper by buying new year after year? Make this gorgeous fabric calendar to be reused again and again! There are no in progress pictures with this tutorial so it may be best for those with sewing experience! You can see it here: For […]

Fiber Thursday: Dyeing Fabric with Snow!

I’m writing this in advance so I’m not sure if it’s snowed lately but I hope so! I love snow! I’m always amazed by ptarmic_wumpus‘ creations and this technique is equally amazing to me! I had NO idea you could use snow to dye fabric. It creates beautiful abstract patterns that would be wonderful for […]

Wear It This Weekend: Yo-yo Necklace

This has to be the prettiest set of yo-yos I’ve ever seen! Sadsilver has posted this gorgeous yo-yo neckace and a wonderful and easy to follow tutorial. You can make your own necklace with the full tutorial here: If you make one for this (or any other) weekend, let me know in the comments!

Tute Tuesday: Summer Dress

najaorama teaches us how to make a summer dress in no time at all. I am absolutely convinced that even a novice seamstress (like myself!) could make this dress. With a few yards of fabric, a bit of colorful ribbon and a sewing machine, you are well on your way creating an adorable dress for […]

Manic Monday: Scrappy Square Quilt Top

This quilt is already epic and it’s not even done yet! The quilt top was made by KatherineEmma in an effort to use up all of her fabric scraps. The tiny pieces, the sheer size of the top (roughly 8 feet by 6 feet!), the math involved in getting those tiny squares to all fit […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make a Messenger Bag

Today’s Tute Tuesday features a full tutorial for making a messenger bag with zippered divider. kategirl provided photos of the entire process to make the project just a bit easier, too! Later in the thread, queenxxxdee shares her results from the same tutorial. It’s fun to see how fabric can change the entire feel of […]

Manic Monday: Handmade Log Cabin Quilt

So the title of the blog post might seem a bit strange. This is Craftster, after all; isn’t everything made by hand? Well, yes and no. In regards to quilting there’s a difference between hand piecing, hand quilting, and binding by hand versus the use of a machine. The big issue here? Time. Making a […]

Decorating with Embroidery Hoops

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… I always stumble across beautiful and inexpensive decor made from embroidery hoops. First, I was in love with this living room decor by fnur. Then it was these random splashes of colorful hoops from aif the waif. Now, my true love has been discovered! This amazing nursery has embroidery […]

Home Sweet Home: Tile Coasters

With a few ceramic tiles, some interesting fabric or paper and a little adhesive, you can have a fabulous coaster set in no time at all. WildeHeart2105 shared her beautiful damask tile coasters with us. Tie them with a simple bow and you have a housewarming gift ready to go! To see this project on […]

Home Sweet Home: Flower Bouquet

There is no need to buy fresh flowers every few days when you can craft your own to last a lifetime. eternallyeve shows us how to make an everlasting colorful bouquet of fabric. Make some as a spontaneous gift for someone, a gift decoration or just to add some fun to your home! To see […]

Home Sweet Home: Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

With a few embroidery hoops, some fabric and a blank wall, you can make a quick and easy focal art piece for your living space. fnur posted these photos of her project, the tutorial and a fabulous hug with her dog (obviously a necessity for happy crafting!). Change the fabric with the seasons, your decor […]

Wear it This Weekend: Fabric Headband

This weeks feature is so simple, you could make enough today to last you many weekends! aschnebly made a great tutorial after seeing these same headbands at a store for a ridiculous amount of money. She came home and made her own for way less (and probably with cuter fabric, too!). You can see all […]

Sonic Fabric

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… This is so cool! Sonic Fabric is half old audio cassette tape and half cotton. Even though it’s been woven together, it still creates a sound! Sonic fabric emits sound when you run a tape head (the little thingy inside the tape deck that touches the tape) over it. […]

Colossal Condoms For The College Set

This isn’t so much a Craftastrophe as a fun craft we wanted to feature. There’s nothing wrong with being a Safety Sue or a Safety Steve! A twist on the Quillow*, this condom wrapper look-a-like pillow opens up for storage of your very own body condom! These would be a perfect gift for kids for […]