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Earth Week Activities – How to Build a Handmade EcoBirdhouse (Video)

Check out this YouTube video by Michelle Kaufmann. She demonstrates how to make an eco-friendly, chopstick birdhouse or feeder for our feathered friends! 🙂 Check out all of Michelle’s green project tutorials here:

Challenge #20 – Reusable Shopping Bags

The Reusable Shopping Bag Challenge has wrapped up and as usual I’m totally in awe of the brilliance and variety of unique projects people created! The winner of the challenge is Lydia the Strange for her entry entitled This IS a plastic bag! Recycled and very reusable! Her bag is a clever spin on the […]

Cheap, Eco-Friendly Source for Fabric

I have a this little problem where I can’t seem to go a week without cruising through my local thrift stores. There are tons of them in the Boston area. One of the things I like to buy are old sheets and pillowcases because it is a cheap source of fabric and you can often […]