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Tute Tuesday: Singlet Style Shopping Bag

It’s time to say goodbye to the paper or plastic bag debate. Instead of bringing those bags home, why not take a one of a kind tote with you. Whether you are grocery shopping on a Tuesday or thrifting on a Saturday, the Singlet Style Shopping Bag is perfect for all of your needs. Craftster […]

Earth Day Round Up: Revamp, Reuse, Recycle

April 22nd is Earth Day. There are so many ways to celebrate the day. Blupaisan shares her love for upcycling by revamping a radio into a fun Bird Feeder. Along with this project, check out other crafty endeavors that take reuse, recycle and revamp to a new level. Reusing and recycling doesn’t have to be […]

Craftsters Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

It might sounds cheesy but I really think a lot of Craftsters treat every day like Earth Day. So many of us are trying our best to reduce, reuse, recycle, and just be good stewards of the Earth to the best of our abilities whenever possible. There are TONS of crafts being posted every day […]

Reuse and Recycle

April is home to Earth Day (April 22!), so let’s take some time to feature some of the awesome reused and recycled projects all around Craftster! Check out Mountains and Clouds’s Earth Day egg hunt project for her neighborhood. I find myself wishing I lived near her! 🙂 Recycled Cork Pendants atsuko created these beautiful […]

40 Eco-friendly projects for Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary!

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! In honor of that, we’re sharing 40 of our favorite earth friendly projects from around the site. Craftster is FULL of projects big and small that reduce, recycle, reuse, reconstruct, upcycle, and on and on! We know that this isn’t everything! We couldn’t possibly fit in all […]

Happy Earth Day to You!

Earth Day is a worldwide celebration of life and the environment of our beautiful planet Earth. It’s a time to be extra aware of our impact on the planet, and to think about ways we can preserve it throughout the year. As Craftsters, many of us love the creative challenge posed by the maxim “Reduce, […]

Earth Week Activities – How to Build a Handmade EcoBirdhouse (Video)

Check out this YouTube video by Michelle Kaufmann. She demonstrates how to make an eco-friendly, chopstick birdhouse or feeder for our feathered friends! 🙂 Check out all of Michelle’s green project tutorials here:

Earth Day Cupcakes!

In keeping with the Earth Day projects this week, I have to share these cupcakes by member MissKerouac: Each cupcake features a small, Earth-friendly reminder. 😀

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day in the northern hemisphere and I thought I’d feature some projects for it! Follow each link to read all about the specific projects! 🙂 Recycled Pop-Top Granny Square Vest A wee grocery bag for earth day And last, but not least, you know I had to include something with […]