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Tute Tuesday: Color Splash Feathers

Are you itching to try a new craft? Why not spread your wings and try rockingbearranch’s tutorial for Color Splash Feathers. Using a very simple dye technique she creates beautiful feathers that can be used in a wide variety of projects. Rockingbearranch uses discarded feathers from her chickens, but you can find supplies online or […]

Tute Tuesday: Japanese Shibori Dyeing

AlwaysInMyRoom has decided to dive deep into her Japanese heritage. We are lucky that she is taking us along for the ride as she learns more about traditional Japanese arts and crafts. She created this easy to follow step-by-step tutorial for Shibori Dyeing. Each twist and turn of the fabric creates an intricate pattern that […]

Fiber Thursday: A Beautiful Hand Spun, Dyed, and Knit Hat

Fiber Mod Jane Doe takes you through the process from white wool to this beautiful, colorful hat. She dyed the roving, spun the yarn, and knit the hat with gorgeous results. Our fiber boards are full of such projects, and lots of friendly Craftsters to share ideas with, and help you through any questions you […]

Fiber Thursday: Pole Wrapped Shibori Dyeing

Shibori is a Japanese term for a family of dyeing techniques in which the artist binds, stitches, folds, twists, or compresses fabric to create different patterns in the fabric. The most familiar of these techniques is tie dye, but there are many other types of shibori dyeing. Awesome member and frequent fiber board contributor, Ptarmic […]

Fiber Thursday: A Handmade Loom and Weaving

When you are a Craftster who longs to try loom weaving, but you don’t have access to a loom, what can you do? If you’re Subloke you do your research, grab what you’ve got, and build yourself a loom out of pvc pipe, some wood, some stuffing and dye, and you create something beautiful! HUGE […]

Batik from Obama’s Mother

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… We all know that President Obama’s Mother, Ann Dunham, was a huge influence on the President, and that she exposed him to many cultures around the world. But did you know she was also an art collector? During the family’s time in Indonesia in the 1960’s, Ann Dunham collected […]

Easter Crafts for Kids & the Whole Family

Since this is my first Easter with a little one around, I thought I would feature some kiddie crafts. From decorating their own egg hunt baskets, to picking out flowers and leaves to dye eggs, there is surely something for everyone in the family here.