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Duck, Duck, Goose. Dinosaur?

Remember playing “Duck, duck, goose” as a child, sitting around in a circle and anticipating that pat on your head? f you were a duck, you’d stay seated, but if you were tapped a goose, you had to try to catch the person who tapped you before they were able to run around the circle […]

Everything is just duckie!

I just finished putting up my rubber duckie shelf (spoiler alert, it’s not big enough!) and am all over everything duck right now. I love ducks. And I might have to crochet myself this duck, because, while I don’t get the reference (I’ve never seen the show), the duck is brilliant! There’s a link to […]

Gamer Wednesday: Duck Hunt Lamp

Were you an expert hunter of the Greater North American Pixelated Duck in your day? Have you put your plastic gun controller away for bigger and better controllers? Why not use it to make yourself a hunting trophy, I mean lamp like fluffypants did? A cheap lampshade, some foam sheets, some cardboard, and a Duck […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: How To Make A Hooded Towel

Make bathtime fun with these quick and easy hooded towels! Lady Llanalla made this one into a yellow ducky for her daughter. Use your imagination, and you could make just about any animal. Wouldn’t a puppy with floppy ears be adorable? Click here to visit Craftster and see more photos of this adorable towel. PREVIOUS […]