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@Home This Weekend: Dreamcatcher

This weekend, sleep well with the addition of a dreamcatcher. Legend has it that the dreamcatcher will snag any nightmares and let only pleasant dreams through. Mistress Jennie made this one a crescent moon and added a vintage starburst at the top. Sweet dreams! Save Save

July 20th: National Moon Day

National Moon Day commemorates the day when man first walked on the moon, back in 1969. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin captured the imagination of the entire world with their journey, but the moon has always inspired artists and crafters to create beautiful works. Check out this fantastic collection of moon inspired crafting, and […]

@Home This Weekend: Inspiration Everywhere

This weekend, take some inspiration from unexpected places. Inspired by a book cover, Camillion created a dreamcatcher which incorporates symbolism from the book and the colors of its cover. Beautiful! Save