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Countdown to Halloween

It’s almost here, our favorite spooky time of year. Halloween is next Monday, and Craftsters have been busy making all sorts of Halloween decor. Look what’s been added just these last few days! This appears to be a vintage trick or treat pail, but it’s actually a reproduction by Ludi. Made from paper maché, this […]

Creeping You Out!

As Halloween approaches, things tend to get a little dicey around Craftster. If you don’t care for scary things, WARNING! Turn back now. This skully wreath that queenbruiser made is overly welcoming, but it does serve as a sign of things to come. Seriously, you have been warned!       Here’s a face that […]

Halloween Crafts – 8 Project Tutorials

Stop by and visit our friends over at to see our special feature on Halloween crafts. We pulled together 8 awesome tutorials and patterns for your Halloween crafting this week! Learn how to create edible mummies, make treat bags from newspapers, and whip up some candy corn with your knitting needles! To see related […]