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@Home This Weekend: Bright DIY Curtains

  This weekend, pull out some bright fabric (like a sari!) and make some unique curtains. craftylittlemonkey used both sides of a sari she picked up a few years back in a market. Now she can enjoy those vibrant colors every day. Save

@Home This Weekend: Curtains!

This weekend, accent your windows, but still let the light in! Meadowlark made four gorgeous eyelet curtains for around $30, including the hanging hardware. What a difference this makes in her master bath. C’mon, you can do it too!

Book Introduction: Simple Serger Sewing

Sponsored Content Using a serger can seem pretty intimidating, but Simple Serger Sewing edited by Julie Johnson is full of tips, techniques, and good information to ease your nerves and get you stitching in no time. The book covers a lot of basics like tension setting and different types of stitches; things that are translatable […]

Home Sweet Home: Squid and Whale Curtains

If you’re looking for an inexpensive window treatment, urka has shared a fun idea just for you. She handpainted these curtains for her boyfriend’s new room. Who would have thought such simple designs could bring such character and life to a room?