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Craftster Crush: MareMare

This month, our Craftster Crush is MareMare! Mare has been a member since 2007, a moderator since 2008, and a global moderator 2010. She’s a tutorial contributor with many wonderful tutorials around the forum, a two time Best Of winner, and she’s an amazing quilter and a lean, mean, soap making machine! Here are some […]

Craftster Crush: jillybeans

This month, our Craftster Crush is jillybeans! She’s a former Master Craftster, a Tutorial Contributor and an all around fantastic crafter! Her crafts run the gamut from ATCs to stencils to quilts to ceramics, but they all have one thing in common. They’re great! Here are some random crafty facts about jillybeans! Her current craft […]

Craftster Crush CrazyEyeGlass

This month, our Craftster Crush is CrazyEyeGlass! She keeps the glass board hopping! She’s quite prolific, making all manner of gorgeous glass goodies. Check out just a small sampling of her beautiful items below. Here are some random crafty facts about CrazyEyeGlass! She’s recreated a classic work of art more than once! She wishes she […]

Craftster Crush: SevsOnlyGirl

This month, our Craftster Crush is SevsOnlyGirl! Sevs has been a member of Craftster since 2005 — seven years of Craftster love! She’s not only an amazing volunteer Moderator. She’s also an epic Swap Organizer and participant. As of today, she’s completely 111 swaps! When she’s not inspiring on the Craft Swap boards, you might […]

Craftster Crush: noooitaremybirthday

This month, our Craftster Crush is noooitaremybirthday! Not only is Nooo’s name hard to forget (except for the number of “o”‘s!), but her work is, too. Her drawing style and even her whole crafting style is fun, vibrant, and hard to overlook, as evidenced by her three Best of 2011 projects! Take a look at […]

Craftster Crush: batgirl

This month, our Craftster Crush is batgirl! I consider batgirl a great crafter and a great friend! She has a wonderful sense of style and is willing to try any craft! She really is a jill of all trades. Batgirl has been an amazing member, moderator, and even employee at Craftster. She’s an incredible asset […]

Craftster Crush: cackle

This month, our Craftster Crush is cackle! Cackle has been a Craftster member for less than a year but already has plenty of admirers! Her amazing polymer clay creations and her willingness to share and help others have made her a much-loved member! Here are some random crafty facts about cackle! She has an art […]

Craftster Crush: Knickertwist

This month, our Craftster Crush is Knickertwist! Not only does she swoon us with her unbelievable paper skills, she’s also a master of creating gorgeous shrines, repurposing items and wielding a good old-fashioned paint brush! If you’ve been lucky enough to be her partner in a Craftster Swap, you may have received an ornate chunky […]

Craftster Crush: sheepBlue

This month, our Craftster Crush is sheepBlue! You can often find her on the Needlework and Papercrafts boards, but she really is a Jane of all trades! Many of her creations involve gorgeous textures and mixed elements, creating pieces that evoke emotion and reaction. She’s not afraid to experiment with her art and is inspired […]

Craftster Crush: calluna

This month, our Craftster Crush is calluna! Bookmaker extraordinaire, calluna is an awesome community member and a real sweet gal! Even though we live really far from each other I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting calluna twice! She’s a a great member of the Craftster community, as evidenced by her stats. She spends most […]

Craftster Crush: kittykill

This month, our Craftster Crush is kittykill! You’ve most certainly seen kittykill on the Needlework board and each month on Craftster Quickies. She not only wields an embroidery needle like no other, she’s also a dedicated volunteer Moderator, a swap organizer and an amazing friend! 🙂 Kittykill can often be spotted crafting surprises for her […]

Craftster Crush: barbolot

Barbolot is an amazing member of the community! When I slyly asked a few moderators about her they just gushed over how sweet she is, how awesome her swap organizer skills are, and just her all around fabulousness as a community member. I have to say my experiences with her have led me to feel […]

Craftster Crush: onegroovyday

This month, our Craftster Crush is onegroovyday! Onegroovyday’s projects are bright and colorful and her personality is the same! If you’ve had the pleasure of bumping into her around the forums, she has most certainly brought a bit of crafty cheer into your day. From her repurposed sweater projects to her dolls and quilts, onegroovyday […]

Craftster Crush: Leah!!!

This Craftster Crush is the ULTIMATE Craftster Crush. Without Leah there would be no Craftster. We just wanted to take some time to thank her for everything she’s done! She has literally changed people’s lives with the creation of this site and I know I personally can’t thank her enough.

Craftster Crush: gorgaus

Gorgaus makes stuff that is…. gorgeous. I know, I know, bad pun, but really? Have you seen her stuff? It’s out of control amazing. She’s in school for making these awesome things, so don’t feel TOO bad that you aren’t creating wearable working Blythe heads in YOUR craft room. Still, it takes more than schooling […]