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Craftster Best of 2007

Check out our Craftster Best of 2007 list! Or as we think it really should be called… “a bunch of totally kick-ass projects out of tens of thousands of kick-ass projects!” Beta Version is Open

The progammers of have been working on a new website called where people can sell their handmade crafts as a part of a big collective. And they have been consulting with me on how it should work which has been really fun! Basically it’s similar to the giant auction sites out there in […]

Crafty or Obsessed?

Crafty or Obsessed? You decide! Either way it’s totally beautiful… Recently the women in an old folks home in Australia called Hobart’s Strathaven Home recreated an entire 1950’s living room in knitting and crochet. Complete with a knitted window with a knitted rural outlook and a knitted Elvis record cover with a real record coming […]