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As Seen on TV: True Blood

I’m so pumped that True Blood is back! (Get it? Pumped? Blood? I slay me. Ha!) Cloverlilly sewed up this great ereader case featuring everyone’s favorite vampire bar, Fangtasia! I wonder what will happen to it?! Ahh! The suspense! You can see the full thread here: You can see tons more great crafts by […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Knit Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy

Have a coffee addict on your list? Or maybe a sock monkey addict!? This quick knit could make either happy. Ficklephonebug has shared her pattern for a sock monkey coffee cozy to throw over your to-go cup in the morning. Make them smile every morning when they see that cute monkey face! You can find […]

Cozy Winter!

When it’s winter, everything can seem cold. Knitters and crocheters like to keep things warm by making cozies. Yes, there are some beautiful teapot cozies and mug cozies on Craftster, but what about the not-so-ordinary items that may like to be kept warm, or only just beautified a bit? Here are five unusual items that […]

June 22, 2011 Featured Projects

Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by jungrrl. We hope you enjoy them! few nail designs 🙂 by begg0o The cat […]

Gamer Wednesday: Piranha Plant TP Cozy

Jancola hides her extra toilet paper under a warp pipe. But be careful before you put your hand in there! It’s also a Pirahna plant! You can see the full thread here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Super Mario tag.

Handmade Gift Ideas: Flat Iron Cozy

This adorable flat iron cozy would be great for the teens or travelers on your list! Just a few pieces of fabric and a bit of batting and you’re set to sew! You can see the full tutorial here: For more great gift ideas check out our specific gift guides or our full list […]

Gamer Wednesday: Nintendo DS Purse

These DS case purses are so cute! Rauni made these as gifts for her daughter and her daughter’s friend and I think they just look perfect. Besides the DS, they can hold a 12 games, and an extra stylus, PLUS she included a wrist strap and a cord wrap. They must be the envy of […]

Wool Felted Coffee Cozy – Step by Step Tutorial

This wool felted cozy will keep your beverage warm and your hands cool! The tutorial will teach you how to repurpose an old wool sweater into a gift for yourself and maybe one for a friend, too. Click here to check out this great tutorial right here on Craftster! And click the image below to […]

I can’t really make fun of IT if I don’t know what IT is…

Take a stab at it. What do you think this is supposed to be? Am I missing something, because nothing is coming to mind. It’s described as: This unique hand felted Cafetiere Coffee cosy is made with just merino wool, soap and water combined with time and energy! Hand felted and seamless it is made […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: How To Make A Water Bottle Carrier

This gift idea requires a little sewing, but you can do it! How about making a water bottle carrier/cozy for your favorite bottled water drinker? Look at all the cute fabrics Padester used on the ones she made for each member of her family. Click here to visit Craftster and find out how to make […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Vintage comics iPod case

Want a fun way to protect your iPod? julibooli used some vintage French comic books to make this tres chic case for hers. I love the way the blue in the comic matches her headphones perfectly. This idea could work with almost any sort of paper, giving you an inexpensive yet unique case. C’est magnifique!

How to Sew a Custom Laptop Cozy

Cozies, cozies, cozies. Whether you love ’em or are amused by them, there are some cozies that are indisputably practical. Like this laptop cozy. (A) It’s a great way protect your laptop from scratches and wear and tear and (B) you have an excuse to buy some more awesome fabric. It’s doesn’t get more practical […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make a Covered Tape Measure

This week on Tute Tuesday we have a lovely little covered tape measure/tape measure cozy shared with us by graced It’s a great way to give your sewing supplies and extra dose of pretty, or a little gift for a friend or loved one who loves to sew. It’s adaptable to virtually endless styles and […]

Craft Challenge #30 – Cozies WITH Irony

This month’s challenge was to create a cozy. Not just any cozy, but a cozy with irony! The results of this challenge were great! 🙂 From an abacus calculator, to a biblically inspired MacBook cover, to a knitted axe cozy, there was a lot of creativity in the entries! The winner of this month’s challenge […]

Oh So Discrete

I love it when I find perfect fodder for the Crafts Gone Bad category! My hats off to Craftster member mmmfruit for being cheeky enough to whip up a cozy for a tampon. This reminds me of those ridiculous TV commercials where a “Oh No!” a tampon falls out of a girls purse. And then […]