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Craft Challenge #45 Announced – Super Ugly to Super Awesome Round 2

Craft Challenge #45 has been announced! “Super Ugly to Super Awesome Round 2” entries are due Dec 1 – Nov 5. Read all about it here! Also be sure to get your entries in for Challenge #44, DIY Halloween Costumes 2009. Entries are due now through Nov 5. Here are the challenge details, and all […]

Day of the Dead: What to Wear?

Now that you’ve decorated and planned your Day of the Dead party, there’s one last thing to consider: what to wear? You can go for a full on costume with makeup or a mask, wear Day of the Dead themed clothing, or just add some themes accessories to your regular party look. Whichever way you […]

Pirates Ahoy! Pirate Costumes and Crafts on Craftster

Arrr, Matey! Pirates are one of the most popular themes on Craftster. We have seen everything from baby pirate costumes to both knit and crochet pirate beard and hat combos. If you are planning a Halloween Pirate Party or Pirate Costume, or want to decorate your kid’s (or your own!) room in a Pirate theme, […]

Handmade Halloween Costumes: Peacock Costume

How gorgeous is this tail piece? Nerfernie used 200 real peacock feathers to create this beautiful peacock costume. The dress she made is a beautiful turquoise blue: the perfect peacock color! Nerfernie claims she got tired of walking sideways through doors, but I think we’d all agree with her that it was worth it. PREVIOUS […]

The Wild Things are Here!

So the Spike Jonze live action movie version of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are” opens soon!! Who’s excited?!?! Everyone seems to love this story and of course, when Craftsters love something, they craft it! Check out all the Max & Monster goodies lurking around the forum! Click on the pics below to see […]

Craft Challenge #44 Announced – DIY Halloween Costumes 2009

Craft Challenge #44 has been announced! “DIY Halloween Costumes 2009” entries are due Nov 1 – Nov 5. Read all about it here! Also be sure to get your entries in for Challenge #43, Drinking Straw Makeover. Entries are due now through Oct 5. Here are the challenge details, and all of the entries so […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make a Swimsuit

This awesome tutorial from Gooberts is a great demonstration of how to construct a swimsuit. Whether you go for the full Las Vegas showgirl treatment, or keep it simple, using Gooberts’ tute, you can make a beautiful suit that fits your body and your style perfectly! Thanks, Gooberts, for taking the time to make this […]

Craftster Style: Vintage, Retro, and Historic Clothing

From Renaissance Fair garb to funky 70’s styles, sewing Craftsters have made some amazing clothing and accessories inspired by history. Crafty people often have a unique style all their own, and one reason is that they can make one-of-a-kind wearables that express their personal style. For some, this can mean elaborate theatrical costumes, either true […]

Crafting Entertainment: Hello Kitty

In our third entry in the Crafting Entertainment series, we’re going to a completely different direction are the Hello Kitty crafts! Cutesy and classic but also inspiration for some unconventional crafts such as a gun cozy or a cake celebrating a friend’s gender reassignment surgery!

Craft Challenge #32 – DIY Halloween Costumes

This month, in honor of everyone’s favorite candy coated holiday our challenge was DIY Halloween Costumes! This was a reprise of last year’s challenge that set the bar very high! When I say there were a ton of entries for this challenge, I mean it almost literally. 215 entries! Wow! Despite the large number of […]