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@Home This Weekend: Beware!

This weekend, show your sense of humor. patty_o_furniture  recently began raising chickens, and noticed that they ate like vicious dinosaurs. She then got the brilliant idea to make this “Beware the tiny raptors” sign to adorn the chicken coop. Love it!

A Fox in the Hen House

I’ve been writing the Tuesday blog for several years now. Sometimes inspiration comes in funny ways. Today, in the Hot New Projects thumbnails, there was a fox. And next to it was a chicken. All I could think about was how those two animals should probably not be around each other. A fox in the […]

Home Sweet Home: Chicken Coop

Sometimes chickens need their very own home sweet home. Member dzyn made the perfect A-frame coop for her feathered friends. As an added bonus, it’s even created from recycled materials! To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related projects on Craftster, check out the coop tag here:;sa=showtopics;tag=coop