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Foodie Friday: Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Wow, well these look delicious and digusting all at the same time! That automatically makes them fabulous. OhThat shared her red velvet cupcakes topped with chocolate zombie brains. I think these would be a wonderful addition to any Halloween party, or just any day you’re in the mood for some cake and chocolate brains. 😀

Cupcake Overload

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… Apparently we’re on a cute-food-spotting kick this week. Whenever cupcakes and cute are involved, I’m all about it. This page at WireSmash is a whole collection of cute cupcakes in one location. Pandas and monkies and Mario, oh my! You can’t beat it. Check out the site for even […]

Winner of Craft Challenge #41 – Incredible Edible

This month, our challenge was The Incredible Edible Challenge. The challenge was to recreate any kind of craft with food. There were many tasty entries this month, but only one winner! Banga won the challenge with her colorful, edible and delicious project titled, “Painter’s Palette Appetizer Platter.” Congrats and thank you so much for posting […]

Think You’re Marrying the Man of Your Dreams?

Oh HAI!  We were at BlogHer in Chicago last weekend (where we won a weapon, er award from SocialLuxe) and so we completely forgot about you guys last week.  We’re shallow and fickle like that.  Something shiny comes along and we forget allll about you.  Being the fair-weather friends we are, we’re back this week, […]

Foodie Friday: Motherboard Cake

I thought my fellow geeky Craftsters would appreciate this motherboard birthday cake crafted by letuescarpe. I mean, really, who wouldn’t love details like wafer cookies for RAM slots and an After 5 mint as an Intel chip? No tutorial is even necessary for this one! Grab your cake, frosting and have a blast decorating it […]

Foodie Friday: Hamburger Cake

Avian Flight shared with us her amazing burger cake. Yes, burger and cake in the same project! She even provided a very detailed photo tutorial for the whole project, including making marshmallow fondant. The fruit roll-up pickles seriously make me giggle, but they are a genius idea. They look so realistic peeking out the edges […]