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Tute Tuesday: Envelope Book

The holidays are winding down and it’s time to get back on budget. You can make staying on track a bit easier with A2JC4life‘s tutorial for an Envelope Book. You can customize the book with stickers for each budget category. It also makes an excellent coupon organizer. You can make a bigger book for monthly […]

Get Lost in a Book

Are you an avid reader that just loves getting lost in a book? Show your love for books by crafting with them! Use old books as supplies for new crafts, or create new books to enjoy. This brightly colored headboard could literally be a book lover’s dream! jessyratfink constructed it from covers of old books. […]

Creature Feature: Tales of Horror Altered Book Box

Hello guys and ghouls! It’s time for a little Creature Feature from the vaults of Craftster land. Today’s installment features little screaming girls, eyeballs and monsters…just what the mad scientist ordered! Pottermouth’s Tales of Horror Altered Book will make you scream with delight! How many famous movies can you name? Can you find all the […]

Bibliocrafting: Books in Bed

What’s better than curling up in bed with a good book? Not much. Here’s how some Craftsters found fun and interesting ways to do exactly that. Meleriffic made this pocket for her daughter’s bed to keep the book scattering problem under control. (Do any of you have that problem? Books all over the room? I […]

Bibliocrafting: Quiet Books

Kids of all ages love books, and kids of very young ages love quiet books! They’re interactive, they’re easy for little hands to handle, and they’re fun! Here are some that have been made by Craftsters: Check out the animal-themed quiet book made by Tatterhood! V0mich01 made this fun sports / ball-themed quiet book. Ac! […]

Bibliocrafting: Book Hoops

Embroidered hoops are a great way to display a favorite book, whether you use a quotation, a scene, a symbol, or a general statement about books. Check out some of the ways our Craftsters have immortalized books in the medium of hoops: Bastet_blue embroidered this beaded Smaug hoop, with a bit of very good advice […]

Bibliocrafting: Book Cakes

Some of our Craftsters have learned that they can read their books and eat them too, in the form of these beautiful book-themed cakes! Wizards_pupil made this cake that looks like the Monster Book of Monsters from the Harry Potter series, eyes and teeth and tongue and all! Fluffypants posted a number of amazing sweets, […]

Bibliocrafting: Wear Your Books

People who love books want the world to know about it. What better way to tell them than to – literally – wear your books on your sleeve… or other pieces of clothing? Witwitherwilt is a writer who wanted to do something extra-special to a book festival to promote her own book. So she made […]

Bibliocrafting: Bookish Weddings

Some bibliophiles go all-out with the book influences in their weddings, making books – or a specific book – the entire theme; others are more subtle, with tiny hints of their favorite books here and there. These are some ways a few Craftsters used books in their weddings: Maleficent made Disney-themed boutonnieres for the groomsmen […]

Bibliocrafting: Book Jewelry

Lots of people who love books like to wear it on their sleeve… or, rather, their necks, wrists, and ears, in the form of jewelry! Onyxnox made this mini book as a pendant: Malmow has two great examples of mini book pendants, here and here: These pendants by alteredmommy use bits of book pages as […]

Bibliocrafting: Bags from Books

Sure, we like to carry around a good book. But with projects like these, you can carry around your things inside a good book! Lille crafted this lovely book purse from a law book: Appleshannon used an Alice in Wonderland Golden Book to make a fun purse: BlackAppleStudios added a little extra decoration to these […]

Bibliocrafting: Book Page Art

Bibliophiles hate to think of ripping pages out of a book. Crafty bibliophiles, however, sometimes must bring themselves to do so in order to produce… well, things like these: FoxyBlue made this lovely mixed media book page:  Phizzychick turned a page about fish into… a prettier page about fish! Jennique made these classically beautiful printed book pages: […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Bubble Wrap Necklace

Who knew bubble wrap could look so fancy!? If you have some extra packaging lying around from some of your online purchases why not turn it into a gorgeous necklace? This tutorial from the book Jewelry Upcycled by Sherri and Michelle Haab was shared by our friends at Potter Craft. You can find the full […]

Fiber Thursday: Interview with Debbie Stoller

We recently had the opportunity to talk with our favorite fiber hero, Debbie Stoller.  She answered a bunch of questions from Craftster community members and also chatted about her new book, Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar Knitting: Go Beyond the Basics. Debbie even hooked us up with project photos from her new book. We especially love […]

Book Introduction: Simple Serger Sewing

Sponsored Content Using a serger can seem pretty intimidating, but Simple Serger Sewing edited by Julie Johnson is full of tips, techniques, and good information to ease your nerves and get you stitching in no time. The book covers a lot of basics like tension setting and different types of stitches; things that are translatable […]