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Book It! Great DIY Journals

People use journals for all sorts of reasons, like keeping lists, creating art, or as a diary. No matter what you decide to do with your journal, it’s extra special if it’s handmade. Here are five really great handmade journals that are sure to inspire you. tendstowardschaos used UV-reactive acrylic paint on wood to create the […]

Let’s Make a Book!

Making books is easier than you might imagine. There are all sorts of binding techniques, ranging from extremely difficult to incredibly simple. Here are five bookbinding tutorials that may spark your interest. Give one a try!  Don’t you love the look of this mini book? Its etched metal cover and leather spine give it such […]

Rock Paper Scissors: Monkey King!

There’s something magical about a tunnel book. You open the book, spread the pages out, and a scene with actual depth is created. BananaAmbush created this beautiful tunnel book entitled, “The Monkey King” for her book arts class in college.  The imagery and the bright colors are outstanding, and there are many little details that […]