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Beware! Black Cats!

Is it true black cats bring bad luck? I don’t think so; they actually bring Halloween! You can’t enjoy a good scary Halloween without some spooky black cats hanging around, and there are several lurking all over the Craftster boards. yoopidou created this marvelous grinning cat that takes its pumpkin mask on and off when […]

Teeny Teeny Halloweenie

How about a little Halloween today? And I mean “literally little” because all of these objects are really small. They may be tiny, but they’re just the perfect touch of sweet and spooky. Ludi made this adorable trick or treat kitty with its scary pumpkin mask for a partner in the One Tiny Halloween Thing […]

Black Cat Halloween

With Halloween only days away, watch out for black cats! Whether you believe they are familiars for witches or just cuddly pets who are simply misunderstood, there’s no doubt they’ll be seen in abundance this Halloween season. Beware!  I love the face on this handstitched wool felt treat bag by HaughtyWench. Nothing says “trick or […]