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Have Your Cake

Is there any food happier than a beautiful cake? Surely not! Look at these fantastically decorated cakes I found today on Craftster; you’d almost hate to eat them, but my guess is that they’re delicious, so you might as well. FoxyBlue calls this cake a Sweet Shoppe Cake, and it’s easy to see why: it’s got […]

Gamer Wednesday: Angry Birds Cake!

Craftster member sewhighonlife brought Angry Birds to life, in the tastiest way! She made a real life playable version of the game with cake!! What an awesome birthday treat! You can see the full thread for this project here: You can see more great crafts by viewing the Angry Birds tag.

Foodie Friday: Surfboard Birthday Cake

View this surfboard cake project on Craftster View related cake projects on Craftster There’s nothing more crafty and yummy than taking a friend’s interest and turning it into a cake for their birthday. This totally rad surfboard cake makes us want to pack up the beach bag, flip on some sandals, and head to the […]

Foodie Friday: Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

yarnorama shares how she made this sponge cake and raspberry jam pirate ship! Complete with birthday candle cannons, a chocolate toffee deck and malted milk ball ammo, this cake is ready to set sail at a birthday party. To see this project on Craftster click here: To see related projects on Craftster click the […]