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@Home This Weekend: Ant Baffle

This weekend, keep those pesky ants our of your hummingbird feeder with an easy to make ant baffle! Nobody wants ants floating in their sugar water, so Acadian Driftwood used a plastic food tub and some other simple supplies to create a mote that prevents the ants from invading the feeder. Now everyone (excluding the […]

@Home This Weekend: For the Birds

This weekend, give the birds a fancy place to eat! classy broad took a thrifted cup and saucer and adhered them together to make this classy birdfeeder. Filled with seeds, it’s sure to bring all the upperclass birds right to her backyard.

@Home This Weekend: Radio Birdfeeder

This weekend, make sure your feathered friends are well fed! Look at this amazing birdfeeder that blupaisan created out of an old 1940’s radio. Birds would be crazy not to stop by for a treat! (And maybe a song or two.) What do you have around your house that could be made into a unique […]

@Home This Weekend: Bird Feeder

This weekend, make a bird feeder for your feathered friends! CarlieJoe used an empty wine bottle and some wood scraps to make this simple design. What a great way to upcycle!

How to Make Bird Seed Cakes

In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to make birdseed cakes to feed the feathered friends in your area using gelatin, birdseed, and a silicone mold or a cookie cutter!

Green Thumb Thursday: Extreme Birdhouses

I wish I was a bird. OK, I am glad to be human, but who wouldn’t want to live in this amazing 17 room house with a rooftop pool, built by Cranbrook2? These are some lucky birds! They are even eco-friendly, being made from reclaimed barn wood. Gorgeous AND recycled, now that’s what I call […]

How To Make a Suet Vine Ball

Welcome to Tute Tuesday, a new weekly feature in which we will highlight some of the fabulous crafty tutorials posted by our members.As I am sitting here, looking out at the snow, I’m thinking about the birds and other animals doing their best to get through the cold Minnesota winter. To kick off our very […]